Here’s the thing. Atheism is not a religion, not a belief. It is the reckoning of facts with reality as we understand it. The theist’s imaginary world with ghosts and demons is complete and utter bullshit. It’s time that more people started calling it that.

Rex Dominguez

So this keeps coming up and I’m really fucking sick of hearing it: “I guess we just have different beliefs, and that’s o.k.” I want to be as clear and concise as possible: Bullshit. Lets get something straight, because there is a bit a language barrier here. When I say I believe in Evolution, Climate Change, etc., what I’m conveying is-I don’t deny their existence. It’s a simple way of stating a view.

You seem to think I have faith in the above stated, when it simply isn’t needed. Faith isn’t part of the picture at all because mine’s painted by FACTS and proof. You need faith because god isn’t provable, and assuming you actually live it by the archaic code, it’s the only ground you stand on.

So when you say we believe different things, you sound like an idiot. Because, what you’re saying to me is, “I don’t…

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  1. One believes religion, whereas, one accepts evolution.

    • Very nicely put. I’m going to use that.

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