And The Winner Is….

If you haven’t seen the Golden Crockoduck awards here is  your chance.  This year’s winner is oh so deserving of the award.



Since it won’t take you all night to enjoy that (do make use of the replay button) here are both editions of the Top Ten Creationist Arguments. …. don’t ask.



    • J_Agathokles
    • October 30th, 2012

    You should check this out:

    • Yeah, I know about the flat earthers. It can be used as an argument against religious belief at times in as much as they believe in the same ways that monotheists believe. They are, however, relatively harmless in that they are not able to garner enough influence to really do any damage.One day perhaps they will be able to send up their own satellite to take pictures or maybe a weather balloon with a camera so they know it’s not been tampered with. That will probably not even convince them… LOL

  1. Do you ever wonder where “life” came from then? We are made of totally inert material, carbon, nitrogen, water, and some minerals.
    Everything on our planet is pretty much made of water, dirt and some minerals. Where did the spark that brought life into being come from? Was it always there? You might say that lightening was the spark – but where did the lightening come from? And even more; did you even ever wonder where the inert materials came from too?

    • I used to wonder at times. I’m satisfied that we have no ‘spark’ in us. That we can think gives us cause to imagine that we do but we have no other reason to suppose it might be so. The big bang theory and what we know about stars and physics explains how the universe is like it is. We can all imagine a chemical reaction like mixing oil and water. What we find difficult to imagine is billions of them happening all at the same time in a comparatively very small space. All those reactions are happening this very second in and around the cells of your body. As difficult as it is to grasp, that is the thick and thin of it. It started small and got more complex over many millions of years. Eventually the life forms developed sensing organs and ways to determine what the sensory information means. That developed further till we find what we call a brain. The brains of mammals developed even further. One day an ancestor to humans on the ape family tree began walking upright. That line of apes learned how to use fire and tools and their brains got larger over time. The very next thing you know we’re dunking basketballs on 10 foot high net hoops and putting space ships on other planets.

      KIDS!! They grow up so fast these days.

      • There had to be a “before” and “after”. First inert; then animated. Inert doesn’t move, it just lays there. Animated reacts to things around it. There is a difference – something happened…

        Also, what about all this inert material? Where did it come from? I say “It always was.” and that is what I believe God “is”. He’s an “always was” and, like all this inert material – an “always will be”. It’s a different interpertation of “God” I guess. It’s a name we use to express our understanding of what always was, is, and what will always be. And He (She=He=+) contains everything that always was, is, and always will be.

        • I don’t know how to explain to you what you work so hard to not understand. Water is inert, right? Have you ever been to the beach to watch the waves? Have you ever seen a storm? Have you ever seen a waterfall? Inert does not mean incapable of motion.

          the big bang theory shows us that gas formed together to become increasingly dense, then more dense until a star is formed from the fusion of gas atoms. From the fusion other atoms are created and when the star explodes, heavier atoms are flung out into the gas clouds to recycled in a repeat of the process. The planets are all made from such stardust. You and I are made from stardust. The stars lived and died so that we might be here to think about their deaths. I have no reason to doubt the big bang theory.

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