Random Things – 26 Oct 2012

What’s on your playlist … right now?

Check out their other videos too


What are you reading?

What are you drinking?

This time of year it’s Oktoberfest style brews.


What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep?

Seriously? Who sleeps so much that they can lay awake? I don’t have time to sleep!

  1. Hi myatheistlife [could you possibly tell me your actual first name?]
    I just want you to know that, even though you’re an Anti-Theist and I’m a full-bore Christian, I really, really like your meanderings.

    I re-wrote the blurb page about who I am and I’d really like you to read it. It’s called “Who Am I?” and it tells more about who I am and a quick synopsis of my life.

  2. Hi dear,
    It’s RobinClaire again.
    Did you know you can set up a “Summary” of your post to be sent out as e-mails so the whole post won’t be sent? Just go to “Dashboard” > “Settings” > “Reading” . Where it says; “For Each Article in a Feed…” click on “Summary”. And don’t forget to “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen. Hope to be reading you again soon. Write something so I can read it. I really like the way you think [with your simple brain]. RobinClaire.

    • Thanks, I’ll check that out tonight

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