Actually, religion did a bit more than that. It burned a few witches, campaigned to stop same sex marriage, opposed women’s rights, and pushed to have its dogma taught in schools. If you don’t find this inspirational, there might be something wrong with you.

100 Uses for Muesli

Hopefully this will cause a bit of a stir amongst the community and get people talking!

In 1997 Richard Lee Norris (37 yrs) was horrifically injured in a gun accident. He was then treated by 100-strong team of skilled Doctors at the University of Maryland in March 2012. The pictures below  show an incredible transformation and are testiment to the skill of the Doctors, and the power of human will to get better.  Thank you science and medicine!

These are the incredible before-and-after pictures of 37-year-old Richard Lee Norris who was given the most extensive face transplant ever performed.

This case is an amazing example of what we can achieve with science and technology.

For 15 years, Mr Norris lived as a recluse in Hillsville, Virginia, hiding behind a mask and only coming out at night time. He can now feel his face and is able to…

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