Yes, blink, breathe… Romney is that fucking stupid. Here is some more of his idiocy

There is little point in not calling him a fucking idiot. When your business plan is to hire the people who helped create the last big financial crisis that shook the world, you know he has his head up his ass. His head should be up the asses of the American people, but no, apparently his own colon smells better than ours.

Prometheus Unbound

Unbelievable. Looking at the New York Times today, I saw a picture of Glenn Hubbard, Mitt Romney’s in-house economic adviser, and thought,

He looks like the same guy from the documentary, Inside Job. 

In the documentary, there is an owlish and prickly fellow at Columbia University who is revealed not only to have praised credit derivatives, but to have apparently made very big bucks as a consultant to the financial industry while doing so. A credit derivative is one of the shenanigan techniques that lenders use to divorce themselves from the risks they take on when they lend money. Credit derivative shenanigans led directly to the 2008 financial crisis. Surely, I thought, Mitt Romney has not brought this guy into his inner circle!

Well, he has. In the film, it’s the same dude. It’s Glenn Hubbard. Meet Mitt Romney’s chief economic adviser and be careful that you catch…

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