Tell Me Again Why You Think Atheists Are Angry

There seem to be a lot of people that simply can’t understand why atheists and non-believers seem angry. Well, the situation is nothing new. Atheism has been around since before belief in gods, no matter what name they gave it back then if it even needed a name. Atheists were active long before the four horsemen of atheism made the scene. They will be active long after they fade from public view. There are those atheists who tire of the fight just as there are many who tire of fighting long before the fight is over – no matter the issue at hand.

Can’t we all just get along?

No is the reply, we can’t all just get along as long as believers and their ilk will tell non-believers that they are wrong and claim of them evil doing and treat them as less than.

No, we can’t all get along under the logic that organized religions of Abraham present to the world.

No, we can’t all get along while religion hunts and kills witches.

No, we can’t all get along while religions oppress those not accepted in their bigoted holy books.

No, we can’t all get along while religions deprive women of their rightful status and control of their own health.

No, we can’t all get along while religions deprive GLBTQ and others of their equal right to happiness.

No, we can’t all get along.

There are some ideologies which are not fit for society. There are some ideas which are caustic and dangerous. These should be wiped from public view, prohibited from government functions, and ridiculed outright when encountered in public and private alike.
To fill you in on some of the details, both new and old, I present atheism in its newest form and it’s oldest….





Get the full text of Russell’s speech here


  1. This is a fantastic hypothesis; some people just can’t accept a different lifestyle or way than their own. I’m definitely enjoying your blog so far, FYI.

    • Thank you. It’s just my thoughts on life… no particular agenda. I hope it continues to be enjoyable to you.

  2. It works the other way as well, how many people look down on religion? Mock them as being ‘stupid’, ‘illogical’ and so on.

    I am in a rare position of being in a relationship with a christian woman, while you might say i am an agnostic. It gives me a lot of insight into the mind of someone of faith. Therefore i fit very firmly in the middle of the of faith and science. I look at things from all angles.

    We can point our finger at any topic, people just plain dont get along. Its nothing to do with religion, its just people. We make war over a difference of opinion. Football fans make war with each other after a soccer game, as to whos team is better. Look at any sport, fans of such and such a player/team will argue endlessly and relentlessly with fans of other players/teams. People just really dont get along. People seem to thrive over confrontation.

    The fact is, nobody can really say that there isnt a god, until we are all knowing of everything that is and isnt, till we ‘are god’ you might even say, we cannot go making claims on things that are beyond our intelligence. Not in my opinion. My best friend will say ‘there is no such thing as god, 100%, we are just cells’. Now, he is extremely intelligent academically. But nobody can go saying there is no such thing as god, when we cant even define what reality even is for example, how can we answer one of the biggest questions of all, is there a god? People invest too much in human intelligence, we are arrogant. Truth is, we really dont know anything yet in the greater view of things.

    Those who flat out believe god doesnt exist from my experience, have an underlying issue which leads them to that viewpoint. I knew this very intelligent young woman, she would say ‘god doesnt exist, no doubt, the bible is a lie’. The bible for a start i dont think is meant to be taken literally, its more of, there’s a root to everything it says that we can take into our lives, regardless of whether you have faith or not. Past that, when pushed more heavily it comes out, ‘how can there be a god, i dont have a dad anymore, why would he let that happen?’. There you have it, people attach what they would want god to be to what god is in their mind. Not taking into account that its reasoning, if there is a god, and if it does work on that kind of level, is just beyond our understanding. If we all lived in paradise where there is no evil, then there would be no good, there would be nothing, we would practically be dead, there would be no test not even within ourselves. So much of the greatness humanity has achieved has been built on struggle and pain, the courage of the few.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have no anger for you so if I seem angry at you, it is only the ideas… hopefully I don’t present them with anger.

    We humans are apes. Our rise to near the top of the food chain required not only violence, but coordinated and violent group behaviors. It is not evolutionarily advantageous for us to get along with all people, only enough people that we can get power and success.

    You say that we cannot claim that there is no gods. I ask you this: why would we even believe that gods can exist? What evidence is there for even believing that they can exists, never mind that one specific one does exist. I’m not making a claim when I say there are no gods. I’m affirming the evidence that has been presented to believe that a god can exist in the first place. If you then wish to claim that no scientific evidence is necessary than I can claim your god is weak and stupid and my god is strong and I kill you in the name of my god because my god tells me to do so.

    Agnostic ape you may be, political ape you are not.

    To claim no evidence is required is to say that there is no way to know if the god of Abraham is ‘the’ god or if Vishnu is ‘the’ god yet every religion claims to know for certain who ‘the’ god is. My claim is that in view of these opposing claims I can be more than reasonably certain that not one of them has enough evidence to back up their claims about gods. Further, none of them has substantive or credible evidence to give one even an iota of reason to believe that gods can exist in the first place. The foregone conclusion is that gods do not exist. Any claim otherwise has yet to show any credible evidence or proof of such a claim. An extraordinary claim with no evidence can be dismissed with no evidence.

  4. Apologies if i came across like i was under the impression that you were conveying anger in your post. I debate hard, thats all lol.

    Whether god exists, what god is, is down to the individual with our current knowledge. Take a collective view of the whole of the human race, take all that we know, there is no heavy evidence to support god. We cant answer the question, is there a god, until our understanding of everything that is increases dramatically.

    I am not a political ‘ape’, i have never been and never will be. Politics is about cold calculations that deal with the many over the few, but, not because they care, but because its a better ‘investment’ for them. If there are two rooms in a building, one with a woman and child, and the other filled with many people. If a killer walks through the door into the building, the politician will save the many, i, will save the woman and child. I save the woman and child because they stand alone, politics would save the many, because there is no investment to gain from saving the few.

    The truth is, as youve said basically, evolution is about that investment. You make friends with those that can do something for you, as opposed to someone that cant do anything for you but you care about. Our instincts tell us to go for that investment, but we have the ability to deny these instincts. These instincts are like politics, they are based on numbers, logic. Those who think with their hearts, their feelings, they often come off as illogical and cannot be understood by those who think in cold numbers. This has ground in the ideas of faith and science. Science can place too much in its own intelligence, but is vital to the development of the human race, without science there is no progression. Faith can place too much in what they see in the dark, following something they feel blindly, but without faith, we are just an machine.

  5. Indeed we are machines. Meat machines, and I am a mechanical atheist. It takes a nihilist (I guess) to just let the killer have his way in the building. I think I’d rather attack and kill the killer, and that’s not about saving anyone.

    Every choice I make is a choice. There is no morality guide for me to look at or go by. I make each and every choice. Many people don’t feel that they make those choices. I choose which stores to shop in. I choose to obey the laws of my society. I choose to not be a killer. I choose to love or not. I don’t have a moral compulsion to do this or that. I choose.

    Some choices I make because the down line consequences are what they are and I am shaping the outcome of those future events. Some choices I make because I took on an obligation and find that the down line consequences of not upholding that obligation are distasteful.

    I quit looking for guidance a long time ago. I pay for any mistakes and so I will reap any rewards for my actions. I do nothing for glory for it is not a valued consequence. I am not the only person doing so.

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