Dear God….

Thought experiment 912

Dear God,

They tell me that you are omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and all loving, that you are all things.

I ask that you recreate me. Not in your image, but as your equal, then explain to me, again, why I should worship you.

Dear Apologist,

Please answer for your god as I am having trouble getting his messages.


Concerned human

  1. I do not agree with the idea of worship, i do not like the idea of kneeling down before a god, god being my superior. But those of faith relate to god in different ways, my experience in life so far shows me that we have to find our own answers, our own truth. Whether there is a god or not, life will rarely come at you and fill you plate with food so to speak. If there is a god maybe that is his way of messaging us? Maybe the laws with which we live under, the laws of earth, the universe etc, maybe our experiences in this reality are the messages?

    • Worship is a bad idea, entirely a bad idea. I don’t think that believers have thought this through at all. One can only imagine an eternity of hanging out singing the praises of a god. I’m always reminded that belief in the god of Abraham is like Stockholm Syndrome. Having to find your own truth or your own answers is no different than if there is no plan or meaning to begin with IMO.

  2. Finding your own truth, your own answers, is something you should do regardless of whether you are religious or not. I was speaking with some Mormons on a train a few weeks ago, they said that essentially, their faith gave them a direction with which to point their questions at, and from that direction, they received their answers. Personally, i am asking my questions through myself, the way in which i ask the questions is similar in certain aspects to religion except i am not governed in any way by the constrictions of that particular faith. I cannot state things as facts when they are not 100% proven to be true from my perspective.

    LIke you, i do not believe worship is a good idea. But, it is down to the individual. I can understand it though from some angles, like, being thankful for the food on your plate, praying before dinner etc. This stops us from taking such things for granted.

    • Truth is not subjective. If a thing is true in this universe we find ourselves in, then it is true for everyone. If you find that what others call truth does not fit your understanding of the universe something has gone terribly wrong. Diamonds may have little intrinsic value to you, but they are valuable for many reasons. Not least of these is that you can trade them for food.

      Whether we live in a simulation or the dream of Brahma does not matter because unlike the Matrix, we can’t wake up from this dream. This is it. If a thing is not true in this universe, then for us it is not true. Even if this set of restrictions should change in the future, they are in effect now. Spending energy to change these restrictions or beseech a god to intervene and muck with them is not useful.

      Without credible reason to believe that gods can exist, deciding which one does and then supplicating oneself to the will of this imagined god is nothing short of insanity. Without being able to prove the existence of god(s) 100% any joy or value derived from worship to a god should also be available in worship to any god so taking direction from one god over another is a subjective choice and not a matter of morality or right and wrong. Moreover, if it can be derived from any god it can be derived from oneself. Which of the two choices then has more integrity, choosing value in oneself or value in an imaginary being? Motivating myself to be productive will ensure more productivity than prayer ever will, even if all that is accomplished by prayer is motivation of ones self.

      I could argue that the lifestyles of rich and famous religious leaders indeed to show that their chosen life has not kept them from taking things for granted. You might argue that they are not truly faithful individuals to which I will ask the question: what does it mean to be truly faithful? Must Christians actually stone those who work on the Sabbath? Should Muslims kill apostates? If the morality of a religion is not what you would do, why choose that religion? Clearly there is no reason to honestly believe that there is truth in a thing that cannot be shown to be truth and for which all goodness in it can be sourced elsewhere. In light of this respect for religion is tantamount to respecting a person’s right to repeatedly bang their forehead on brick walls. Why deride them, they derive pleasure and comfort from the pounding of their head on brick walls and who are we to say they are wrong?

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