Not Again

It’s happening again. I get home from work and there simply is so much to do that it’s midnight before I feel like I’m making any progress. I’ve got three replies that I need to send out, bills to check on line, dogs to walk…

They say the days are getting shorter. I think they are always too short. I really like the work that I do, but I’ve got a crap load of it to do with no end in sight. Looks like tomorrow will be another energy drink day. Sigh
Recently I’ve found a spate of new atheist bloggers. That makes me feel good inside. Of course there is no end to the number of religious apologists. Not many of them seem to have studied up on what they face in their non-believing counterparts. For them I have the following video. The 1:49 mark is where these uninformed apologist bloggers need to pay heed.



Those same apologists should learn a bit about science and the scientific method, so I give you this:



DAMN! I mean DAMN!!!!

I don’t think Feynman was ever not entertaining. To see what I mean, check out these videos

If you don’t already know Feynman, sit back and get acquainted with him. If you are a believer, sit back, press play and LEARN!

It doesn’t hurt, I promise.

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