I don’t even know what to add to this. This is what jerks tears from my dry eyes. To see the honesty, the humanity of people who simply want to be. On their behalf, I hate religion. It tried its best on me and lost, but I fear for those who might not be as thick skinned, or who may be persecuted worse than what I have suffered. These people are the reason that I speak out, the reason I blog, the reason I oppose the tyranny of religion’s certainty of divine right. There is no stronger reason that I can think of for doing what I do than to hopefully make it easier or even pleasant for other non-believers to live in my country. I’m sure there are many more like this person. Save some kind words for them. Please take a moment to visit the blog and comment. It can mean more than you think.


Only a few people know that I am an atheist. My journey from fundamental Baptist Christianity to being a firm atheist began a long time ago. Virtually all of my family & extended family are on-fire Christians. I love & enjoy them very much. They love their idea of God more than anything or anyone, however. Some of them would excommunicate me from any family involvement if I came out openly as an atheist. The elderly family members would be overly grief-stricken by my announcement & would certainly cause them to suffer health problems. Then, there would be others, who would take me on as their pet project to “win me back to Jesus.” There are certainly a few of you out there who know exactly what I am talking about. There is a delicate balancing act that must be performed – to simultaneously be true to ones self &…

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    • J_Agathokles
    • October 2nd, 2012

    Religious exlusivism, exclusionism, and absolutism, has done nothing but bring misery into this world. *sigh*

    • Agreed. I want to say that it is not all religion that I hate… it is only religion that brings hate and bigotry to society, that which is caustic to society.

        • J_Agathokles
        • October 2nd, 2012

        I know 🙂

        • I am somewhat self conscious that my criticism of monotheism is spilt out on all religion… it is not meant that way. I am planning to attend the Greek festival in the near future as I am fond of Greek culture and food and I find no harm in polytheism. It is not my place to judge the value of a non-caustic belief. I even enjoy some wiccan festivals and traditions…
          because they are fun, and they remind me how I want to think about myself etc. Yes, an anti-theist enjoys them 🙂

            • J_Agathokles
            • October 2nd, 2012

            I’ll try not to bring it up again in the future though, so don’t worry. I know you’re only talking about the excusivist religions (which are mostly the abrahamic ones in all their schismatic varieties).

            But I’m sure you can understand why I do this, there are far too many who just don’t give shit about the fact they generalise unduely to all of religion that which is only true for the abrahamic ones.

            In any case, I’ll try not to bring it up again 😉

            • By all means, keep me honest. I tend to generalize at times too… sadly.

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