It’s Just An Opinion…

I made this comment in another blog regarding the reasons that I have a small issue with calling any holy text the perfect word of a god.

The Abrahamic faiths all look like petty, warring, misogynistic, sun god sects. That and the fact that the NT looks like a really bad rip off of other sun god stories with some Buddhism thrown in. The OT looks like clan fables of a nomadic, warring clan of pantheistic goat herders, and the Koran looks like a rip off of the OT and NT revised with a bit of Buddhism, a bit of science of the day, and written by bitter and disillusioned old man with a Napoleon complex and a bent for paedophilia. In all three, they are based on the god of war from the Jewish pantheon. What Moses failed to accomplish up “on the Mount” left the Jewish people ripe for Paul to hijack many decades later.

What Mohammed saw as failures on Paul’s part he put into action in his own version of the holy texts of the god of war: YHWH. There is a reason that this god has so many names, and a host of reasons to not believe anything in any of the holy texts based on this myth.

Then you get into the texts themselves and logic, consistency, and truth go right out the window, but that’s just an opinion.

That’s my opinion, what is yours?


  1. Sounds about right!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • J_Agathokles
    • September 26th, 2012

    True, save for the fact that the Abrahamic God(s?) is/are not solar deities at all, and neither were the Jews ever Pantheist.

    • I’d like to have a read of what you have that shows the early Jews were not polytheistic/pantheistic – though the two terms are not synonymous. The Jesus story is way too much like sun gods to say it has no influence, but you are right that I did not say that quite correctly.

        • J_Agathokles
        • September 26th, 2012

        The Jews were polytheistic, and even in the times of Yēšūah there were still many native “pagans”, but they were not pantheist.

        • Yes, mea culpa, I used the wrong word… sigh

  2. “…Then you get into the texts themselves and logic, consistency, and truth go right out the window,…”

    Unless the logic, that makes these texts consistant and true, is hidden.

    Your entire post makes all the sense in the world to me, from the perspective of there being a single hidden source for the Abrahamic faith based texts (and possibly all faith based texts, especially the major ones). And a very fallible, human like, source that is clearly revising and tweaking it’s texts over time.

    Considering that our human based programming language is that of the “Word” (words program us), these texts would then be masterpieces of worldwide population control.

    • I’d give you that point but have trouble contemplating any single source as competent enough to have thought that all through prior to releasing the texts. I’m more on the many people working disparately to achieve goals which are at times orthogonal to each other, yet still works out over time. Among the agendas as motivation were power, greed, control, conformity, and conspiracy to cover up what did not match with a perceived perfection. That last one includes the attempts to both write prophecy in retrospect, and to fulfill it by telling white lies.

  3. The Bible, as are all the ancient texts, products of their times. They were attempts to provide answers for things that lacked answers. They were attempts to unify a people. They were all fabricated from prevalent stories circulating at the time and passed down, sometimes not so intact. There is, in my opinion, no reason to believe any of them represent any real event or events though many real events were sometimes included in an attempt to authenticate.
    My personal stance is that there are no Gods good or bad that did not emerge from the mind of humans. In addition, I feel that Jesus was not a real man, and never walked the Earth.

    • If only modern people would recognize this without trying to imbue such books with mystical power and truth.

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