Religion Is Unecessary

There is no reason to think that religion is necessary. At this point in human history we KNOW that there is no god directing human existence. Sure, you can claim that he doesn’t directly interact and claim credit but that looks exactly the same as if there was no god at all. If the fucking bastard exists he has done a fantastic job of remaining invisible.


Do we really need to say more than this video does? Do we have to prove anything? Gods do NOT exist.

    • J_Agathokles
    • September 13th, 2012

    Well, I must disagree here. While this video has a powerful message, that message is not about “religion”. It is about “Christianity”. And while Islām and Judaism may also fall under this, what these people are saying does not hold up for most religions out there, and they are deceived by the fact that Christianity and Islām – in all their many varieties – are the dominant ones on global scale. But they are the exception to the rule. The ancient Hellenes were a deeply religious people. This didn’t stop them from thinking critically about things or to practice (proto-)science, Hellenismos actively encourages people to do these things and to learn about how the kosmos actually works. Religion does not mean blindly accepting dogma’s in all instances.

  1. I don’t think I need to back peddle. I posted that with Abrahamic faiths in mind. I’ve never had a bad thing to say about Hellenism and other pantheistic religions. There are, indeed, many religions that are no threat to the world. My apologies if you took offense. I must remember more often to make that distinction.

    Thanks for keeping me honest.

      • J_Agathokles
      • September 13th, 2012

      Everyone needs a little nudge from time to time. The Gods know I do as well 🙂

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