Muslims Are Fucking Idiots … Facepalm Even Harder

The Muslims of the world are going to make this into a 4 billion  part series. I am generally of the opinion that there is nothing so unnecessary and so caustic to the world as Abrahamic religions. Muslims around the world are attempting to prove they are top of both lists.
CNN coverage here.

You can find the movie all over the Internet, because that is what happens when you fucking kill people because you didn’t like a movie. The production values are not very high, the plot is  not very good. Over at the Cult of Dusty he calls them pussies, and for good reason.

I don’t think that it can be said strongly enough. Muslims are fucking idiots. Just the same, as Dusty points out in his video there are some Muslims with a sense of what it takes to avoid making enemies of arguably the largest government in the world and certainly that largest military might in the world. That is to say that some Muslims are demonstrating that this is not how most Muslims in their country are and that these riotous Muslims are radicals.
Oh? Wait one minute. There are actually Muslims demonstrating against the radical Muslims? Now what do I do? It’s ok. All Abrahamic faiths are still caustic. This is just the moderates finding a voice. Even these moderate Muslims won’t agree to the facts of their precious prophet.

Lets see what The Amazing Atheist has to say. He’s normally obnoxious 🙂

So here is to the tea leaf reading, cross dressing prophet…. and thanks to TAA for hitting on the point that government representatives will and are doing far to much ass kissing to stop more violence rather than simply pull out embassy staff, stopping the flow of money and foreign goods to the country, and well, you know, treat them like Iran.

Fuck radical Islamics, they’re idiots. No, their fucking idiots, because using a swear word makes more official sounding and sound in your head like I said it with actual conviction. Trust me. There was a lot of conviction in that. When people, any people, no matter their faith or political bent, raise up and kill others because they did not like a movie that they were not forced to watch and which has nothing at all to do with the people you kill, then you are a fucking idiot and no end of mockery is what you deserve.

With that in mind, you can expect more anti-Muslim posts from me. I have just watched the movie tonight and it is so bad I don’t know how anyone watched long enough to get insulted. Honestly it wasn’t worth watching past the 15 second mark. Apparently the fucking idiot Muslims have an attention span which is much longer than anyone in the United States because until the riots pretty much all the rest of the world was completely unaware of this movie and those that had seen it didn’t watch past 15 seconds before clicking on to the next new Youtube video.  I guess we cam blame MTV for that. Who knew that MTV would end up being the root cause of WWIII.  John Stewart!!!1 You have a lot to answer for.

Perhaps we should simply review all of the anti-Isalmic videos which have been on Youtube for literally years and weigh up what it means that this particular video has upset the prophet worshipping idiots. Yes, those idiots have missed out on thousands of people calling them fucking idiots for years only to focus on this poorly made film as reason enough to kill people and risk waking the ire of a US population.

Pat Condell has been lambasting Muslims for years. He is still doing it. When Salmon Rushdie wrote his book Muslims swore to kill him. That’s right, the author, not innocent people who happen to be close by. Apparently while these fucking idiots’ attention span is far too big, their sense of justice is not. This time around they have decided to kill innocent people because they are all butt hurt over a film. This time there is no promise to kill the producer or actors, no, lets kill the first Americans we can find. I wonder what their reaction would be if Americans started killing the nearest Muslims they could find? Yes, I guess we all know how that would work out. Fucking idiots.

  1. Sums it up pretty well.

    • J_Agathokles
    • September 14th, 2012

    Exactly my sentiments. I have seen stuff offending the Gods, but I don’t go around slaughtering random people for it. Depending on how bad it is I may vent a little, or write about it and why it’s insulting. But I don’t call for riots and assaulting an embassy full of innocent people.

    I find it somewhat funny that the muslims are so offended by this that they go around confirming the anti-Islam opinion of the producer of this movie. If they’d just behaved like normal, rational peoples with a brain they actually use, then they’d have shrugged, done what i do at most, and the movie would have remained insignificant and obscure, few people even being aware of it. But NOOO, they have to go around occupying embassies, burning American flags and hanging Islamic banners in their place, and kill some innocent people. Such people ought to be euthanised for their own good and that of society.

    • It is difficult within the confines of humanism to characterize a group of people as a group that should be killed, but I’m not a humanist 🙂 I’m anti-theist with what I call mechanical atheism. Some machines are simply broken so badly that you don’t fix them, you throw them away and get new ones.

      Some would argue that these can be fixed and that they deserve a life. Those who argue this aren’t trying to fix these people. By fix, I mean deprogram them from monotheism fundamentalism. Prison won’t even fix that so I’m thinking that getting rid of monotheism is the right way to go about getting rid of the fundamentalists… at least at first, until there is a peaceful monotheism. Some say that such exists but today it only acts as a support system for the fundamentalists, so is just as caustic.

      These are definitely broken machines. The only thing left is figuring out whether to fix or replace them.

    • Joe ‘Blondie’ Manco
    • September 15th, 2012

    Some violent protests have just broken out in Sydney over this. As far as I know, nobody in Australia had anything to do with the film. Fucking ridiculous.

    • Joe Bloindie –
      Unannounced you have just won … again. Yes, I’m about to announce juneteenth winners… LOL

      I decided that my tardiness was not good, so am asking a friend to arbitrarily place a gift card in two of the four books being given away. To top that off you have just posted the 500th comment on my little blog. Something tells me you are far away from me so I’ll have to work out something useful.

      In spite of the good news there, it sucks to hear that there are so many idiots in Aussie land. I thought Sydney was a fairly metropolitan area with calm voices and thinking citizens. Perhaps not so much as I thought. I’m sorry to hear that.

        • Joe ‘Blondie’ Manco
        • September 15th, 2012

        I’ve won? Again? I had no idea I was in the running. Haha, please explain.

        Yeah, makes me mad. I sigh and facepalm a lot when I read of shit going down in the Middle East, but Sydney is 350km (about 200 miles) from where I live. I have walked happily drunk around it’s busy streets in the middle of the night with careless abandon. I have friends who live there. Angers me to know this crap is going on.

        Plenty of use of the word ‘behead’ in their ‘peaceful’ protest –

        • The word behead is part of the dogma. I was explaining earlier to someone that I think these people are simply broken machines… the question is whether to replace or repair them. Think about that in terms of barbie equipment.

          On the lighter side you can run to youtube and que up all the Rammstein videos.

          Yes, the most comments contest… you were a winner and you posted the 500th comment to my blog. The latter was not announced but I’m feeling good. I’ll do it again at 1000. I was waiting for hours so it would not be me to do it 🙂

          I’ll send out emails shortly for everyone to check which their preferred book is for the contest and perhaps you can say what you might like that would transfer across the pond for the 500th comment. Something on the order of a free beer or coffee etc. Amazon or paypal or perhaps something I can include when I send the book.

            • Joe ‘Blondie’ Manco
            • September 15th, 2012

            Awesome! Many thanks. I’ll give it some thought.

  2. The danger of ideas.

    Religious people have built this fucking house of cards with their delusions and they are using that delusion, that flea circus called religion to justify killing each other. I mean how scared do you have to be of someone’s thoughts and ideas that you would go kill them? As in end their lives? That is pathological.

    “Is there a place for the hopeless sinner,
    Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own beliefs?”

    • Holy shit! Barbie just cussed !!

      There is a special place for such people. It’s bothersome that they never seem to get there soon enough… not even when they’re helping each other out with the task.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Barbie? That’s not a barbie 🙂

    • Uhmm, okay. I probably should see the optometrist … Still, it was hella funny when I first read it.

  4. Reblogged this on stacygturner and commented:
    I can add nothing these guys haven’t said already.

  5. Great post. Muslims have a great track record with women too! 🙂

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