God Damn Blasphemy Laws and Fuck The Pope

There are a fair number of peoples that think the world needs blasphemy laws. Lets think about this. Such laws embed religion into the law and that is a bad move from the start, but lets not dwell there yet.

Such laws are always enforced based on he said, she said evidence. That is to say there is no damage to view, no physical harm to assess.

All such laws are enacted to enforce punishment on those that are perceived to insult opinion.


There is no idea beyond criticism, no opinion higher than the rights of others. Sure, some folk say that this is not true, that the opinion of the great leader is highest… To those people I ask “what do you do when the great leader dies?” Who then should hold an opinion that is greater than your rights? Must you have someone?

I cannot hurt your feelings. You can only decide to feel hurt.  Sure, if I had you chained up in my basement for 6 months you could say different.. but if we are both free citizens then I cannot hurt you feelings unless you choose to feel harmed. At least not with words or actions that do not involve you.


The Koran and the Christian bible are both books full of lies and books that tell their believers they are true. Does that insult you? If it does, grow up. Do not be so weak as to demonstrate that YOUR god has no power. You tell us that  your god has a plan… who are you to tell me that my comments are not part of his plan?

Please fight against blasphemy laws

  1. Amen 😉 I wish religion would just go away. What a poison it is. Fuck religion.

  2. Of course, not everyone who claims to be a Christian is truly a Christian. Perhaps all or most of the famous hypocrites among Christians were in fact pretenders and deceivers. To this day, prominent Christian leaders have fallen into terrible sins. Financial and sexual scandals sometimes seem to plague the Christian community. However, instead of taking the actions of a few and using them to denigrate the whole community of Christians, we need to ask whether all those who claim to be Christians really are. Numerous biblical passages confirm that those who truly belong to Christ will exhibit the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Jesus’ parable of the seed and the soils in Matthew 13 makes it clear that not all professions of faith in Him are genuine. Sadly, many who profess to belong to Him will be stunned one day to hear Him say to them, “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” (Matthew 7:23).

  3. What difference does it make whether they are “true Christians” or not, because neither you nor I can tell if they really are or not. To all the rest of the world, when someone claims to be a Christian we have to take them at their word. Maybe YOU aren’t a true Christian… how can I tell?
    Your suggestion to not take the actions of a few is hubris when all Christians look alike, so to speak. It is nothing but dishonest to say things like on 9/12 you call the 19 not true Muslims, or once the priest is arrested for pornography saying oh, he’s not a real Catholic, or after the pastor is arrested for stealing money from the church, calling him not a true Christian.

    By your words, it’s not possible to be a true Christian unless you are 100% chaste and meticulously follow the laws your god without questioning them at all.

    That leaves you in a particular pickle. Situations will arise that demonstrate that YOUR morals do not match those of the god in your holy text. While you may not wish to own slaves, it would be theft for you to set someone else’s slaves free. Stoning people to death for eating at Red Lobster or worse, working at Red Lobster on a Sunday is probably not your cup of tea, yet that is what your god calls for. So if you disobey your god on these matters of morality, how can YOU be a true Christian?

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