Who Would Have Predicted This?

Well, the atheist community is imploding… as predicted. Who could have predicted that? Oh yeah, I did. No, I can’t physically pat myself on the back and I won’t try. I just feel better after having been banned from sites for saying so. Here it is… the very thing I said would happen and I look forward to the next couple of weeks of fallout. Why? Because such chaos is an equalizer. Everything comes back full circle. My only warning? Don’t tell me how to think or feel. Most people don’t take kindly to that sort of thing.

What of Atheism Plus?

The Blag Hag had this to say…

So, goodbye for now. Maybe I’ll be back eventually, if the hatred subsides. Who knows. Maybe the horde of haters will take up knitting as their new hobby, or a time machine will be invented and I can go back to when we were all happy giggling at creationists together without hurling slurs at any woman who dared to be too uppity. But until then, I need to focus on keeping myself sane and happy – and that’s just not going to happen within the toxic atheist community.

See, when few agree with her it is a toxic community. She wanted equality but only if it meant she got treated special. She is not supposed to be the subject of criticism or wrath. That sort of stuff is only for people that don’t agree with Atheism Plus. Well, perhaps it’s too soon but on behalf of all the children who starved to death today in deference to how the world treats you, let me say this; go fuck yourself. Whiny little cow, go ahead and take your ball and go home and complain about all the nasty people in the world. It’s fine for you to call all and sundry misogynist and unworthy, but when you get called names it’s just unfair… right? Yeah, all those dead kids are worried about your feelings… just like I am. Go fuck yourself.

    • J_Agathokles
    • September 5th, 2012

    An atheist schism. How abrahamic… 😛

    • Yeah, I wonder if it would have been easier if there were Christianity+ and Christianity- and Christianity= and Christianity$ and… oh wait, there are more than 30,000 different kinds. I find it fortunate that there was a lot of push back on this. The last thing the world needs is 173 different kinds of Atheism… because that would make everything so much more clear. The fundies wouldn’t know which version to be angry at and would end up just lumping all versions together as one, such that Atheism+ would turn out to be treated just like regular old atheism in the end. There would be those that would tell fundies “no, I’m not that kind of atheist… I have positive beliefs, just read our doctrinal testaments”

      Imagine the Knights who say Ni plus – they say Ni and adore shrubbery but they also revere all flowering plants which do not bear edible fruit. Not to be confused with the Knights who say Ni and believe in wood nymphs.

      No, atheism does not need extras. It’s quite alright all by its lonesome.

  1. These so-called feminist are all self-righteousness and all self-pity and they are always playing the gender card. Could you imagine Margaret Thatcher or Emmeline Pankhurst or Benazir Bhutto or Ayaan Hirsi Ali go off crying because some internet warrior called them a bad name. It makes me laugh.

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