Something Random: This Is Not Random


For those readers who have read my ‘My World View’ posts you will immediately recognize the beginning of this video as a differently stated definition of the meaning of life: Sex and avoiding death.  I’ve stated it with some minimum actions necessary to avoid death, but this is a good way to say it as well. I like this series of videos and there is one by his brother on history. You should subscribe to both of them. It’s kind of like word of the day, but more like biology tidbit of the week or history lesson of the week. They are pretty awesome.

Oh, and for randomness, let me throw this one out there:


I don’t know that experience imbues life with more than the simple meaning but I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had. Expose yourself to a bit of the world. A little German and French will do you good.


  1. I did watch most of the first video……..and hope there is no test over it. 😦

    I listened to the second while continuing to read blogs. Don’t know what it said……..but liked the sound. 🙂

    • There is no test. I just found it interesting in no small way that a biologist would define the meaning of life in the same kind of way that I do. As for the second video, the translation is in the info box. I like the music too. the lyrics are a bit cryptic even in English but hey, that often makes for a good song… ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’ for example.

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