A Message For Angelina

I’m going to try something a bit different, something that still has a bit of new on it. I watched (on youtube) the interview with Angelina Jolie on Inside The Actor’s Studio. That’s a great show. Angelina is, for all the world, someone who seem intensely focused on her self awareness. I have some issues with that. For the most part my Nihilism finds reason to gripe and moan, and that is to be expected. More importantly, the more she explained of herself and her motivations the more I felt a connection with her path in life.

Oh, I won’t even let anyone else say that I said Angelina and I had similar lives. No, what I said was I felt a kind of connection for and with what she went through. No, I was not and am not a cutter. Things like that never made sense to me though in a NIN song it does make sense in a odd kind of way. You know, lost and alone on a desert island after nuclear winter sets in kind of way.



Just the same, she expressed the search for an essence or truth to life, a framework on which to hang her reality. When we force our thoughts out of the cerebral and into the feral mind life become much more active and real feeling. I believe that thrill seekers and cutters et al are doing just that – forcing their mind and thoughts into that less cerebral focus to see life in a more feral way, a more ‘real’ way, in the search for a framework on which to hang their reality.



The message for Angelina is simply this: Keep going. There is more to come. Life gets real when you realize that there is no framework outside what you create. The connections that you have found are not from some external force or being, rather they are manufactured by you. You have created them. Your search and inevitable finding of a child to adopt is not the will of a higher intelligence but a connection you sought out and completed. Keep going. Just a bit further down the garden path dear Angelina. It is encouraging to hear your words of understanding that your life is thrice blessed and has never ever been hard. It is encouraging to watch you say this to some people who will go on to effect change in the world and the way the best of us view the least of us. Maybe life will never actually make sense, but you’re reaching out and changing the parts you can. Good on you. Keep sharing this with others please.

I believe this is what the Atheism Plus crowd is trying to do. Create a framework on which to hang their reality. They know that one does not exist but refuse to accept living without one. Not so long ago we would have called such folk ‘sheeple’ for their sheep like traits. They need something to guide them, something to give them boundaries. They do not do well on their own. Their minds are not formed in the manner that allows them to do well on their own. They are not pack leaders, loners, or survivors. While that might seem harsh, the truth of it is still ringing in your brain right now. I believe this basic human behavior mode is evidence that evolution gave us cooperation – we are biologically designed for it through evolutionary processes. Not all of us, but most of us.

Equality? Did I mention equality? Okay, now I have. It is not what you think it is, or at least not what the atheism plus folk think it is. If equality is a state that must exist and a state that we must strive for, it must be of equal value to the least of us and the best of us. How then do we judge the meaning of equality? What then does being equal entail? Is it wealth? Is it status? Is it happiness? Is it some measurable or tangible effect of society? Is it personal? Is it a measure that only we ourselves can assess?

The equality guaranteed in law is that of equal freedom from repression. Remember that a guarantee is only as good as your ability to enforce the law behind it. In fact, law guarantees only that all the nails will be straight before they are used… it says nothing of their ability to perform, nor their durability in use. Equality under the law (generally speaking) is nothing more than a starting point and not in any way an effort to assure equal treatment. It is nothing more than a hammer to use when a nail needs straightened up.

Is it a laudable goal to land a job sweeping floors? For some people it is. Should their joy at landing a dream job be less of an accomplishment than a musician getting a big contract when we live in a land of equality? Should we shun the janitor while we go apple polishing with the musician? What … What exactly… is this thing called equality?

I’ll give you two hints: Angelina is on her way to find it. The atheism plus crowd is marching the other direction with as much speed as they can get organized.
Three cheers for Angelina and others like her. Keep pushing. Atheism has a good side and I’m almost certain that Angelina is going to show it to us.

She’s a celebrity, don’t cha know (Is there a god?)

Angelina Jolie: Hmm… For some people. I hope so, for them. For the people who believe in it, I hope so. There doesn’t need to be a God for me. There’s something in people that’s spiritual, that’s godlike. I don’t feel like doing things just because people say things, but I also don’t really know if it’s better to just not believe in anything, either. [2]

“Brad and I are raising our children to respect everyone. We have a bookshelf in the house that has the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, everything. We will take our children to church, temple, Buddhist ceremonies, Mosques, teaching them about all faiths. Whatever religion they choose, the choice will be theirs… I respect all religions. What I don’t respect is when people use religion to attack others. I’ve met people across the world, in the middle of nowhere, who are just trying to survive and all they have is religion. In some way it helps them, and I wouldn’t take it away from them.” – Angelina Jolie in Parade Magazine

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