9/11 Cross Pisses Me Off

Yes, I claim to be injured by the 9/11 museum displaying what others think is a cross, a sign of god(s).

First, your argument that it’s only a small issue fails. Second, you don’t get to claim it is part of history… only the bogus claim that it is a sign of god(s) is part of history. The bogus cross is of no importance except as a reminder of how this argument turns out.
And THAT is what pisses me off and gives me claim of injury.


On 9/11 there was no attack on religions. There was an attack on The United States Of America. As a citizen I have some dog in that hunt. MY country was attacked, not my religion or even my lack of religion. To hold up some ignorant piece of refuse and say it is a sign from god ignores the fact that the fucking ignorant sky daddy let the whole attack happen in the first place. Why didn’t their precious god simply stop the planes in mid flight and send us all a message that says ‘you’re welcome’ ?

That make shift piece of refuse that some think is a cross is a sign. A sign that America is full of ignorant superstitious fools. When we should be screaming ‘why did god let this happen’ so many of us are baying to enshrine evidence of their god’s lack of power as a sign from their god that he loves us. The message that this will send to the rest of the world and to future inhabitants of this planet is sickening. It disgusts me and I don’t want that message to be sent. If you want to be a fool and tell the world and the future that you think your god sent a sign AFTER he failed to actually do something useful and show the world that you are an idiot.. well, do it on your own dime and land. Don’t do it on my behalf or any other citizens behalf and do NOT use public money or land to do so.

The tragedy on 9/11/2001 did not happen to just New Yorkers. The attack was on America, not New York. Because I am part of the group of injured parties I do not want superstitious idiots with a holy book in their hands to put a religious taint on the memory of that tragedy. History needs to show that it was in fact religious zealots who created that messed up situation and it is not religious idiots who should get special privilege when remembering that day and the results of it. It is religion that causes people to fly planes into buildings… remember THAT.

Get that refuse-claimed-cross out of the museum. It is lunacy to pay homage to the very same god that caused people to crash those planes in the first place. I do not want to be known as part of the country that is so ignorant that it does not know the difference. Fuck that cross … get it out of the museum. Throw it away like all the rest of the rubbish from that day. We have better things to focus on.



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