This Idiot Is An Average American…. Facepalm Harder

Dear reader, if you have trouble understanding why this guy is a fucking idiot, you should probably not be allowed to use the Internet.


Yes, after you suffered through all of that, all you can say is qerqdhafdareyerad. It hurts to have to listen to such ignorance. This fuckhead in the video gets to vote. All I can say is that it hurts my head. My hand is sore from facepalming. Why do atheists in America not focus on Islam? Because of fucking idiots like this guy. He doesn’t even care. He’s not interested in facts or grammar, he knows what is right without anything like facts or evidence. Fascism will rear its head in the USA draped in a flag and carrying a bible. If prayer worked, I’d pray that this guy would get a clue. Of course neither one will happen, but hey he thinks it does. It’s just a shame he is too ignorant to know what a fact is.

Well, there is your Sunday vitriol … enjoy.

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