Muslims Are Idiots? … Facepalm Harder

This video highlights some of the reasons that the Muslim religion and culture is antithetical to modern western civilization. If all Muslims are not idiots, then Muslim men are. Oh wait, some Muslim women want to wear that burlap bag. No matter how you slice it they are justifying covering up what they believe their god created. Insanity. Muslims are fucked in the head. I’m not even considering their precious prophet. Just look at what they do to over half their population. Idiots. There is no reasonable justification for this kind of subjugation and superstition. If you are a Muslim and want to explain your faith to ME you’re going to have to figure out how to explain this kind of stupidity first. Until that makes sense I have absolutely no reason to listen to you at all. This dress code you have going makes you look like an idiot. That you voluntarily adhere to it makes YOU an idiot. I don’t care what child molesting desert nomad told you to do it.


  1. That was an unusually vitriolic and irrational post from you. For example, *all* dress codes cover up some part of what a believer thinks their god created – and *all* dress codes including yours are going to look silly to people habituated to a different one. That in itself is not sufficient for singling out Muslims. You’ve lowered the tone of your normally good blog.

  2. You make an assumption about my dress code. Yes, there was a bit of vitriol in this post. I’ll try and put my finger on it. Ignoring the obvious issues with the way that fundamentalists (Jewish, Islamic, and Christian) repress both females and sexuality is to ignore the 800 pound gorilla sitting on the other side of the room. The draconian dress codes are strong indicators of the repression and oppression behind them. It is not merely what one is comfortable with or traditionally accustomed to. The insistence on these dress codes, often enough enforced by law, is the sign that wilful ignorance is in play.

    These dress codes are falsely claimed to be in support of modesty when in fact they go FAR beyond modesty and into the realm of lunacy. Muslim women are covered and Jewish men wear blurry glasses to protect them from the temptation that is the female body. Can you see the links between this and victim blaming the rape victim?

    Even in their holy texts clothes were invented by man, not their gods. God did not clothe them in the garden, yet we wear clothes. Their holy texts tell you it is for modesty that women are subjugated to protect them from the natural result of men being exposed to their flesh. Clearly, a trip to south beach is all the proof that is necessary to know that simply seeing female flesh is not the cause of rape, incest, and all manner of indecency. Men are capable of keeping their penises to themselves, and this means that it can be nothing but clear that such dress codes are simply an invention of suppression.

    The video lead me to single out Muslims. Since that post team Jew has come up with blurry glasses so Jewish men are not tempted by the sight of the flesh of women and young girls. Then there is the entire city being built so that women in Saudi Arabia can enjoy the pleasures of working without violating their oppression by religion.

    Despite the vitriol, the sentiment behind it stands on its own. I cannot fathom intelligence coming from such who would support this oppression of half the planet, nor those that support them while being oppressed. It simply does not make sense. If you feel that it does, please explain.

    • Allah Ackbar!
    • January 21st, 2013

    I take offense at your grotesque generalization of my religion and culture. So, in response to your obsenities I have decided to do the only rational thing. I gathered up a bunch of men to protest your website by setting fire to our own village and shooting guns into the air. I did the same thing to protest some cartoons and that seemed to go over real well, so i figured, why the hell not?

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