On Aurora And Sadistic Gods

Everyone talking about the shooting in Aurora in the USA might mention the deaths and those that survived, miracles if you will. One might think that this should remind us of the problem of evil in the world. Yes, it should.
By most if not all accounts of the god of Abraham (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) is described as omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. William Lane Craig has worked hard to ensure that we also add ‘timeless’ and ‘spaceless’ to the list. If we’ve got a good understanding of these descriptive terms we can clearly conclude that the god of Abraham knew for thousands if not trillions of years before it happened that the massacre in Aurora would happen. Not that it might happen, but that it would happen. We can then state that this god did nothing in all that time to prevent it, essentially ensuring that it would happen. Then that very same god was present to watch it happen. Despite being omnipotent, he did nothing to stop it from happening.
The shooting in Aurora demonstrates with aplomb that there is no god, and if there is a god, that god is a sadistic piece of shit that is not worthy of worship. In fact this kind of incident points toward that god thriving on the pain and suffering of humans. Why did the god of Abraham let the Aurora shooting happen? You might as well ask why a pyromaniac sets a building on fire to watch it burn.

The real problem is not evil in the world. The real problem is a god in the world who does nothing useful for humanity.  Believers can blame the shooting on evil or satan, but the real guilt and blood is on the hands of the god who did nothing to prevent it despite having the power to do so and the knowledge required for an eternity.

Hey, shit happens. To believe there is a personal god who intervenes in this world  is to believe that god to be a sadistic asshole who thrives on the suffering of humans. That god didn’t even send out a warning for the faithful to stay at home. What a sadistic piece of shit.

    • J_Agathokles
    • July 31st, 2012

    That’s one of the great flaws of Abrahamic monotheist theology.

    • Wow, the way you said that I was tempted to start a list … but common sense got the better of me. I can’t possibly live long enough to finish it 🙂

        • J_Agathokles
        • August 1st, 2012

        The list is endless.

  1. And did you hear the “Thank God one of his guns jammed, or there would have been even more deaths”…?

    • Yep. I’ve heard worse in person too. I’d rather blame the sadistic asshat for the shooting in the first place. Go figure 🙂

  2. I really had a hard time believing that a god could turn away perfectly good people from his eternal happiness because they didn’t believe in him….when he was the one who created them. He could create them to have a better understanding of faith? Or he couldn’t just “show” himself? Seriously, sounds like a jerk!

    • Yes, I’ve not found anything about the god of Abraham worth worshipping… unless you want to idolize someone that can lead people to commit genocide etc. He’s got that trick down pat.

  3. Believers who blame Satan seem to forget a vital point: if we take the Bible as true, God made even Satan! And, assuming your definitions here, even before he made Satan, he knew what Satan would do, what he would become. Biggest scapegoat ever.

    • Yes, it is the biggest scam ever. Even a child using critical thinking can figure it out. It’s superstition at its finest.

      Welcome to my blog.

      To me, Satan is simply YHWH’s other persona. That talking snake was YHWH. The whole thing is a setup and when you try to view it analytically, there is a way to see the whole religion thing as a strong metaphor for how human brains work. For the most part we think only in pattern recognition and react to that… critical thinking is not the normal mode of operation. It’s kind of a debug mode. The natural mode of our brains is pleasure seeking and pain avoidance. In this, critical thinking is pain. It’s constant adjustment and analysis. These are resource expensive tasks for our brains.

      There is nothing quite like a brain analyzing how it works. A recipe certain to create hubris 🙂

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