Stand And Deliver, Part 1 Of Too Many

Yesterday I wrote about the idea of ‘stand and deliver’ and how it might apply to those around us. It’s funny how our brains find patterns easily. Think about blue cars and they seem to be everywhere you go. Here is today’s edition of ‘Stand and Deliver’ – demonstrating ethical integrity:

I was not an Eagle Scout but I did the evangelical Christian copy-cat deal. I have some empathy with the pain and trepidation that some former Eagle Scouts are going through lately. Some of them are Standing and Delivering. They are Delivering their Eagle Scout Badges back to the BSA because not doing so means they support the bigotry and hatred of the BSA leadership. I applaud them.

It’s not quite the same thing, but Stand and Deliver in the context I used it means denying anything and everything but what is honorable no matter the consequences, or something close to that. The Vlogger HealthyAddict stuck her ethical integrity out there fore all to see too.

Have you done anything to Stand and Deliver lately? Can you share it with us?

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