The Challenge!

I am not a qualified biologist, palaeoecologist, archaeologist, or any kind of ‘ist’ but I have the ability to read, listen, and understand. Apparently so do theists of every stripe. Monotheists (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) have been doing this for thousands of years… literally. They listen to the ‘prophets’ and understand as best as they are able to. Some believe literally what is said, others no so much. Each and every one of them makes a decision about what they do or do not believe. We can show evidence of this by simply looking at the various sects or branches of each monotheistic belief. Yes, even the Muslims can’t agree on what their prophet actually meant. The ‘religion of peace’ makes war upon itself and everybody else.

One of the things that monotheistic beliefs (and others) have in common is the wilful ignorance and denial of the facts of history. It does not matter what it says in their holy books or what their holy man tells them (few of them allow for female clerics) they all deny the facts of history. For many centuries they have been telling the world that humans were created by a god. They have offered up thousands of failed evidences. In all this, not one evidence for creation has been described or discovered. None of them have stood up to investigation and inquiry. There is not one good piece of evidence for creation or gods. Not even one.

Science has steadily increased the combined knowledge of humanity over time. This growth of knowledge has pushed monotheists view of their god(s) into the gaps of knowledge. Despite their claims that ‘god did it’ when we don’t have scientific knowledge, they do not offer any explanation either. The statement that ‘god did it’ is not an explanation without evidence for a god in the first place. We might as well say the tooth fairy did it. Both statements have the same real world value when we are looking for facts.

Humans are notoriously bad at making decisions. We are not good eye witnesses. We clearly tend to believe whatever we are told, especially when it is our parents telling us, or some authority figure such as religious leaders. In fact, without much effort you can get just about anyone to believe just about anything. To see that in action, lets go to:

The point of this is a challenge. The challenge is to provide scientifically proven refutation for the information presented in the following series of videos. It is not possible to cram 500 years of scientific knowledge into one video or even one series of videos. Science increases knowledge and makes it available to society. It is up to the individual to educate themselves. The folks in the water video clearly did not pay attention in high school and are wont to be swayed by any kind of authority. Well, here are some videos from authority – the body of knowledge of evolution:

You might like to go subscribe the the channel EvolutionDocumentary.

For the theists in the audience, if you want to talk to me about your god, you’re going to have to explain the evidence. Do keep in mind that people have been trying to prove the existence of gods for thousands of years and have failed completely for the same amount of time. If you wish to convince me you will have to refute the evidence presented in these videos. That’s your challenge because this evidence practically shouts “creationism is a lie” and that is not a belief. It’s hard facts with hard evidence and it’s going to be really hard for you to refute it. Just the same, that’s the challenge. Good luck with that.

Do any of you readers think I should add more to the argument?

What scientific evidence do you find most compelling?

    • crucifacts
    • July 25th, 2012

    I like the amount of evidence you posted here. Reading this kept reminding me of recent arguments I’ve had where the theist was so ignorant to anything being presented to them.

    What scares me the most, is how they take their fellow thiest’s word without question. They haven’t taken the time to study anything and will recite ridiculousness that was told to them such as “If evolution is real, you’ll have to believe a cow gave birth to a platypus.” They will continue to keep passing that “knowledge” and ruin future generations before they are given a chance to learn it for themselves.

    Great read, VERY great read. I’m reblogging this.

    • Thanks for the reblog. Knowing how little I know of biology I’m embarrassed for those people that open their mouths but keep their minds closed. Just the topic of so called ‘junk DNA’ all by itself is enough to make theists stumble all over their own ignorance.

      They won’t understand that their choice of sect is evidence that their own morality is choice, not given to them by magic sky daddy. That they choose to not be a member of some other sect is how they choose to shape their morality. Anything they read or hear that supports (or at least does not refute) their chosen morality simply must be true.

      If they simply looked at the facts and evidence available to them, their choices would be much better made. No, I don’t hold out much hope that this will ever happen. They will sadly probably always simply choose to believe whatever sounds ‘right’ to them despite the fact that they have no knowledge on the subject to speak of.

    • crucifacts
    • July 27th, 2012

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