Universal Declaration Of Human Rights…. right?

Well, into the dark we go. I know Christianity and Judaism with some confidence. I do not know Islam or the Koran with the same confidence but it is time that I did and time that I began reprimanding it for the dangerous and stupid ideology that it is.

Any of my readers that have insight are most welcome to comment and correct any misgivings that I seem to have.

Tonight I read this post. Here we have the idea that Isalm itself is in violation of UN declarations. Islam is the world stage equivalent of a hate group. We have to ask if this is true why is it tolerated?

Perhaps it is time to ask tolerant people why they tolerate it because I damn sure don’t know why it is tolerated. Should we poke our nose into the business of other countries? Apparently not, but wait… Islam is becoming a problem for many countries in Europe. These peoples should be asking why anyone is even considering shariah law? Why is anyone even thinking about it?

In the USA we should be drilling every Muslim on where their loyalties lie. No, not McCarthy-ism, but public debate.

If being Muslim in these other countries mean that you will violate all of our human rights, all of the bill of rights, why should you be allowed to practice Islam in this country? Your faith is a hate group, why should you be allowed to practice it here? Sure, you may not agree with all that happens in other countries, but why are YOU supporting the very foundation for those atrocities? Why should we believe you would behave any different if you achieved power? Explain yourself. Tell us why YOU are not part of a hate group. Tell us why you should not be followed by the CIA night and day.

Yes, for fucks sake, you are guilty by association. If you look like, talk like, act like, pray like, and believe like a terrorist…. well, you’re a terrorist. That is not thought police mentality. When you are indistinguishable from terrorists there is no reason to give you any quarter. How else is any government to prevent terrorist activities? Why do I say terrorist? Because it’s only Muslims who do suicide bombings. Even though there are one or two questionable incidents that make Christians or Jews seem as bad, it is Muslims who have perfected terror. Remember, I think that Christians and Jews are just as wrong as Islamic terrorists. All the followers of the god of Abraham are dangerous idiots. Yes, I did just say that. If you don’t like being associated that way…. walk. Give it up. Quit being part of the problem.



I want my money back. No more tax breaks for churches, no more foreign aid to Israel.

You! Yes you moderate Muslim. Defend yourself. Defend your support of this atrocious tyrannical fascist religion. Your god does not exist. Your prophet was a desert dwelling nomadic paedophile. Nothing about your faith is clean. Defend your belief in it.

Is that stepping over the mark? Should I provoke? Yes, I should. I live in a country where it is not only perfectly legal to do so, but insane to not question others and demand understanding and equality. You who believe that paedophile deranged old man was the mouthpiece for a god, explain why you believe this to be true. I think you’re drunk with indoctrination and inability to question what you are told. You have no free will because it was taken from you in childhood. If you think you have free will, show it, explain yourself.

Well, that will hopefully start a shouting match that turns to a conversation… maybe.



  1. I believe there are good and bad things in every religion.. islam is no different. The only problem is that bad stuff in other religions have been pushed to obscurity. As far as perception of Islam is concerned, the west only sees the dark part, while the moderate muslims only see and practice the bright side of Islam.
    And i will tell you that, having read other religions… I still believe Islam is theologically the most rational of all. There is no 6000yrs old universe, 3 Gods or son of God, original sin or 1000yrs old prophets. However islam loses the battle on moral grounds. Although moderate muslims ignore this dark side of Islam and do not practice it, they still believe it… For example, I asked my very good muslim friend what will he do to me if I renounce Islam. He responded that he believed I should be executed… but its not his job to do it.

    • What goodness do you find in religion that requires religion to exist or be good?

      There is no kindness nor morally good thing that a believer can do which cannot also be done by a non-believer. To think that we need to allow religion to flourish because it has some good points is a fallacy.

      One may consider that wild tigers have good points but you will still not let them sleep in the bed with you. That is something you only either by accident, force, or stupidity. One might also argue that the first and third are the same thing. The only prophylactic against fundamentalism is to not allow stupid and dangerous thoughts and ideologies to gain any kind of respectability in public circles. Wild tigers are much more beautiful and regal from a distance… the kind of distance for which the scope on your rifle is rated.

  2. Look my friend, I am not the kind of non believer who finds nothing but evil in religion. To say that no religion offers good virtues is ludicrous by all standards. As a non believer, there are many good virtues I can learn from a religion and apply in my life. But If i were a believer, there are alot of incentives to run an extra mile and do more good. it certainly makes people more motivated, and Ive seen some real life examples of that…. trust me on this one.
    But there is a catch… which is that religion also makes good people do bad things. So, you see there are two sides to it. If religion is a tiger, no one would mind sleeping with it IF one could inhibit its wild instincts.
    There are two sides of the coin, my friend. I am not very eloquent but i hope you understand my point of view

  3. While you’re right that there is a lot of nasty things in the Koran that rightly deserve to be condemned, there are also a lot of nasty things in the Bible. On my blog I discuss how the Bible condones genocide, sexism, racism, anti-semitism and homophobia. Does that make Christianity a hate group? No because people ignore the bad parts of their religion. For example a lot of Muslims drink alcohol.

    I’m not aware of anyone considering sharia law and we definitely should not have McCarthy hearings (which whether you like it or not is what “public debate” would descend into, especially in America)

    You ignore one of the universal human rights, that is freedom of religion. Muslims here in the West are not trying to force their beliefs upon the rest of society, in fact I doubt many take the Koran literally. Just as not many Christians take the Bible literally.

    I think you get particularly far ahead of yourself when you declare all Muslims are terrorists. This is particularly absurd. Christians have committed numerous killing and atrocities that have killed as many as suicide bombers have. Ever heard of the IRA?

    (On a final note I find quite strange that I am defending Islam as I am an Atheist who finds all religions absurd and containing nasty elements)

    • Of course Christians are just as guilty of lunatic stupidity and dangerous thinking as well as violent atrocities. If you read any of my other posts you will understand that I’m against ALL monotheistic faiths/religions/beliefs. It’s just time that I start focusing more on Islam … spread my dislike around a bit.

      During the Spanish inquisition, who was not guilty? Who did not assist in the terror? Were those Christians who did not go fight in the crusades any less guilty of the crimes? In such manner, yes, all Muslims are terrorists. There is little reason, if any, to make minor distinctions on the behalf of someone that supports a dangerous and stupid ideal. This is especially true when a direct reading of their holy documents bids them be stupid and dangerous people, no matter that they may choose to not be so.

      What you and moderates among others ask is that I say it’s okay for people to believe that murdering GLBTQ people is what their god wants them to do, or that they believe you should be stoned to death for working a Sunday shift… but I should forgive them this evil and overlook it as long as they don’t actually physically go through with killing anyone. No, that is not thought policing. If you found someone at the mall/park/wherever talking to people about how they believed people with blonde hair should be filleted alive and sacrificed to their god… well, you’d report it to the police. Why do you want to give all these idiots a pass? They believe in a book that says kill gays, kill unruly children, kill adulterers or even those who have sex outside of marriage, that it’s okay to ethnically cleanse your land, that slavery is ok. They believe in things that will cause them to do harm to society one tiny cut at a time.

      I say no, they don’t get a pass. Their holy text and their belief in it are both idiotic and dangerous. Dangerous people get locked up. I say push the buttons, let them speak aloud for what they believe or don’t. Lets start by shunning those that believe in killing people who do not meet their ideals of gender specific behaviors. If they believe in killing unruly children, lets make sure they are never in charge of children in any way. These are dangerous people. There is no moderate … you believe the fairy tale or you do not. These monotheistic believers need to be held accountable for their dangerous beliefs. Many in the USA trust Muslims more than atheists but it is the believers that hold the stupid and dangerous beliefs. This situation needs to change.

      Muslims are in fact one of the three big Abrahamic monotheistic faiths. All three are equally disgusting and I find no good in any of them that cannot be sourced from elsewhere and without all the dangerous thinking that goes with monotheistic faith. There is no good in them, and any reputation that have for being good was bought at the point of a sword… each of them have persecuted non-believers for most of their history, forcing them to leave the country or die or simply go in the closet and now they claim this makes them right somehow and you want to give the moderates among them a pass. I don’t think so.

      There is no acceptable defence of any of the three big Abrahamic faiths. They are all rancid rot on humanity. That moderate peaceful Muslim will still not let anyone defame the book, and it bolsters those who will use it to create havoc in the world. There is no good in Islam, Christianity, or Judaism. Period.

      end rant

      • there are two major flaws in your logic. Firstly you presume all Muslims support Al-Quada and other Islamist terrorist groups, whereas only a tiny minority support them. They no more represent Muslims than the IRA represent Irish people. They were not democratically elected and have no mandate.

        “They believe in a book that says kill gays, kill unruly children, kill adulterers or even those who have sex outside of marriage, that it’s okay to ethnically cleanse your land, that slavery is ok.”

        Secondly you ignore all the crazy things that are in the Bible. Each one of the above things is in the bible as well (if you don’t believe me check my blog where I have several posts about it). However you do not suggest we arrest all Christians. This is because people have common sense and ignore the crazy parts of their holy books. Christians don’t kill gays even though their Bible says so.

        Muslims too ignore the crazy parts of their holy book. For example I was in Bosnia last month which is a Muslim country. Alcohol was freely available and I only saw a single person in a burqa. Both of these contravene the Koran but the simple fact is that few people of any religion take their holy book literally.

        • Robert, It’s clear that you have not read many of the other posts on my blog. 100+ of them are about Christianity. That I now turn my attention to Islam is a small matter.

          You wish to give moderates who ignore the mandates of their religion a pass yet they support that very book and those that take the dangerous mandates of the book seriously. In this way, even those moderates are supporters of terrorism and dangerous fanatical ideologies.

          I do perhaps have flaws in my logic, but you have not mentioned anything that is a flaw. The list of crazy was exactly that, one that I can show is in both the Christian faith AND the Muslim faith.

          On ignoring crazy parts of the book… here is an analogy: In the USA many people drive faster than the speed limit and in moderation this is tolerated. If one person should cause an accident because they were driving too fast, they are condemned for speeding and thought ill of… yet the very people who condemn this one person support that persons actions by speeding themselves.

          The moderate believer will side with the fundamentalist rather than call them out and side with the non-believer or person of other faith. This passive support is one of the strongest pillars of support for the radicals. There are moderate Christians who support same sex marriage but they won’t leave their church when some representative person says gays should be killed. In this way, moderate Muslims ARE terrorists, and moderate Christians ARE fundamentalist whackjobs.

  4. I suppose I agree, although I have a good friend who is a moderate Muslim who, frankly, would be an asset to whatever country he happened to live in. He personally understands his faith to encourage peace and an intelligent, inquiring attitude to life.

    You may say his interpretation of the Koran is wrong. As far as I’m concerned, the Koran is not a Holy book so there is no right interpretation. There is only how it is interpreted in practice. Some muslims have extremely problematic interpretations, some less so, and some, like my friend, have a religion which is only positive.

    Nevertheless, I agree that the ideology of many Muslims is utterly poisonous and leads them to evil acts. I also agree that my friend would be just as capable of goodness without religion.

    The problem with talking the way you do about Islam specifically is that Islam is so closely connected with race. There are a lot of racist people out there, and a denouncing Islam with no nuance leaves a lot of scope for racist misinterpretation.

    • Islam is not closely related to race. If you believe that it is only Arabs who are Muslim you will have interesting conversations with Egyptians, Africans, Americans and so on. Playing the race card for a religion only works for Jews… anyone can convert to Islam. The real problem is when you want to convert FROM Islam.

      • It is closely related to race inasmuch as when people see Arabs and Pakistanis, they assume that person is a Muslim. I’ve been to Texas and heard people talking about “towelheads” and stuff, which is simply racist.

        • While you are commenting about stereotyping being racist you have done the same for Texans. You do realize that there are a great number of misinformed people in the USA, right? Many of them getting their information from either Fox news or the pastor or both.

          Aside from all that, If I see someone from Saudi Arabia what reason would I have for not thinking they are Muslim? I’d be 95% right if I made the same assumption about an Egyptian, an Iraqi, a Syrian, and many other countries. How is this racist? Being Muslim is not an ethnicity.

          Those same misinformed and rough ‘Texans’ probably also refer people who live north of I-10 as yankees, but I suppose that by association of geography, all Texans are racists since they do support the cities in which such bigots as you mentioned live. Problematically, other Texans do not claim to subscribe to the same ideologies as the one’s you mentioned. This is where moderate Muslims fall foul of the argument… they do claim to support the very ideology that is violent and dangerous and wildly misused and abused at every turn… not just because it is easy to abuse it this way, but because the Islamic holy texts demand it be abused in such violent ways.

          On a side note, without seeking reference material, please describe for us the people that live in the jungles of the Amazon basin…. without sounding racist.

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