What The World Needs Now…

I guess that tonight, taking a bit of a night off, I’ve got a few thoughts floating about. I’ve been working, or trying to, like I’m two people at the $Job. It’s kind of working out, but I don’t think it’s destined to be a raving success.

Maybe I should subtitle this as “What I hope is all that the world needs now” ?

All this work has me looking at the people around me and how we interact, what motivates them, how I can best accomplish my goals. Lets face, my goals are my priority, so that is how I see the world most days. Not just me, me, me, but how can I best achieve what I think is the best course of action. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the various groups within the $Company all seem to act like a microcosm of the world in general. Each little group striving for power or importance trying to justify their way of doing things. Somehow they know that the world will survive without them, but they don’t want a world that is so.

What I think they all miss is the fact that even if the world survives without them, it will miss them and their contributions to the world. We might like to see the government of China go away but we don’t want China to go away. We might like to see religion go away but we don’t want to see the believers go away. At least that is how I’m looking at things. Don’t get me wrong, I believe firmly that believers are wrong, painfully wrong and they tout stupid and dangerous ideas. Just the same I don’t wish the world to be a world without them. Despite their beliefs and motivations they are still human and deep down what drives me also drives them. Yes, of course, both sides have their share of complete dicks… se la vie.

I am not trying to say that I have a clue how to solve the problem. I still have more anger than anything else but I’m wondering what of it is fear? I don’t think there is any real fear in me regarding religion but I do worry that bad and stupid ideas can change the course of my life without my consent. I worry that it is my responsibility, in the best traditions of our founding fathers, to work to ensure that I leave this country in better shape than I found it. Yeah, nope, I still don’t know what the world needs now. I do know what it doesn’t need, and I know the ideas that I think are simply hubris but it remains a question on my mind. I wonder what others think the world needs. Yes, there are those that think it needs more yoga or more prayer or more wrist bands.

It might just be that Pink Floyd might know.


No, sadly I do not believe that talking with theists will resolve the issues that their dogma demands be, but talking is a form of education if done in a certain way. I am hanging my hopes on education and the will of the educated to support the world while it transitions away from superstitious belief.

What do you think the world needs now? We see religion imploding on itself and something WILL take its place. We humans have a strong tendency to replace the old with a new version of the old rather than something new altogether. How do we spring clean that shining city on the hill and work toward the original intents of some very wise men?

I do realize that not everyone who stops to read this is American, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have an opinion on the topic. Share it with us.

  1. Yet another article of yours which makes me ponder

    • If my thoughts make you think, then perhaps they are not meaningless wonder rattling around between my ears. Thanks for stopping by to post.

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