Tossing Coins And Other Bad Choices

This post is not meant to explain my opinion on some subject, but rather to elicit your opinions on them. My own opinion is somewhat obvious in simply presenting the question.

What Question?

Below are two videos. The question is how are the two main clergy figures alike or how are they dissimilar?

Discuss this in the comments section please. Thank you.



  1. I think the mistake we make is believing that religion is peace and love. It has been and still is filled with a lot of hatred and violence. I have a drive to find a spirituality but with no success so far. Organized religion seems to stifle spirituality, it is too limiting.

  2. halfbakedlog, Thanks for dropping by and commenting

    For myself, the mistake was a combination of the two: I thought religion had spirituality and that spirituality was the answer to the question I did not know how to ask. Religion didn’t, spirituality wasn’t … lesson learned.

    Even if we find a ‘guide’ to live by it is still ourselves who make the decision to live by that guide. We are and have always been our own answers. When I stopped looking for what ‘I thought’ other people had, I found what I did not know how to ask for.

    That all sounded a bit zen like, but when I stopped looking for spirituality I found what I had been wanting in the first place. The words ‘no’, ‘I don’t know’, and ‘there is no such thing’ are in fact real and valid answers to a great many questions.

  3. They are both alike in that they share a belief in something, sincerely, for which there is no evidence. From there, all kinds of bat-shit crazy can follow.
    Besides the obvious differences between their ‘faith’, I don’t readily see any real differences between the two. Because someone has offended their sensibilities as relating to their divine authority figure, that someone (or group of someones) needs to be cut out of society and killed or left to die.
    I suppose, at least, there is an attempt by the pastor to assuage any condemnation by saying that he would not ‘actively’ murder homosexuals – providing food-drops and whatnot, but this is a difference in form and not of substance; both groups will still be cast-out and destroyed eventually, if either one of these guys has their way.

    • It’s funny, bigotry and hate seems to look the same from every angle, no matter the object of the bigotry.

      Both would kill to protect the honor of an idea. An idea with no credible reason for believing it. “my magic man is insulted because you didn’t do what I told you to do” or something along those lines. Makes you wonder if human apes ever get out of grade school in reality.

      You could call them ignorant cry-babies but they actually want to kill people who are not like them. One thing that these two have in common is that they fully support stupid and dangerous ideas. Ideas which really need to go the way of the flat earth idea and the perfect sun idea and the earth as center of the universe idea.

    • crucifacts
    • May 24th, 2012

    I might be “agint it” too if I knew what exactly “agint it” was.

    I like how these churches are cowards. They preach rough and tough and once it makes them look bad they are taking their videos down and retracting their statements. God has make them sissified. Like that other pastor who said we should beat the gay out of our children then says he wishes he chose better words.

    Now with the Sheikh, I don’t even know what to say here. I’ve been in two Muslim countries, never did I meet a man who hasn’t had sex with another man and only use women for babies.

    Where is God’s love in these two videos. Death is all that is preached here. No, hey, let’s love the atheist and homosexual anyway, they are still God’s children. More just, LET’S PUT THEM IN A FENCE!!


    • Hate and bigotry. Little minds claiming their god makes them right and justifies their petty existence and their fears. If they had no magic man they would have to justify their behavior to the world and take full responsibility for it. All the Abrahamic faiths are the same putrid stuff.

  4. The Muslim dude seems more sincere than the Pastor to me. He strikes me, from this video, as a very devout and “good” man. Let me define good here, since obviously I think what he is saying is the utmost evil. By good, I guess I mean his intentions are good, and he believes he is doing the right thing.

    I think those tears are genuine. And that’s fascinating to me, because even at my most devout, I was never honestly offended by other people’s blasphemy. But here’s a guy who, I bet, is entirely the product of his upbringing. He’s been raised to take offence at those who blaspheme his God, and he does it. Within the parameters of his own (corrupt) morality, he is a good man.

    That reminds me of Christopher Hitchens’ assertion that to get good people to do evil things, you need religion. This is a clear example of it.

    • jonnyscaramanga, I actually think I understood what you were saying and I’m kind of thinking that it’s like feeling empathy for a serial killer because they are insane and were only doing what they thought their god wanted them to do. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar and a theocratic tyrant is just a theocratic tyrant. Most people don’t look to see if a spider is poisonous, they just kill it to ‘be safe’.

      That sort of reminds me of the story of the scorpion and the frog.

      • I didn’t mean to imply we should be at all sympathetic to the guy. His views are appalling and must be fought wherever they come from, and he is more than old enough that he has to be responsible for his beliefs. I see how what I’ve said could be construed that way, though.

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