Somebody Else “Gets It”

Today must be a special day? Two posts I’ve read today where the author takes a somewhat fringe element stand against what has been thrown out in the public square as “what atheism is all about” kind of stuff. (makes perfect sense, right?)

I have avoided writing anything about elevator-gate or sexism in the atheist community, mostly because I don’t believe in a community of atheists. Perhaps a community of humanists or secularists, but atheists? There is not one thing about atheism that commits the atheist to conformity in any shape or size. So when people talk about my obligations as an atheist I tend to get a bit wound up, like this post

Today, over at Temple Of The Future is a post about why I have no such obligations.

Back to that sexism thing, Lauren Lane posted over at The Friendly Atheist. I think this post is cogent and to the point. Stop talking and start doing. The truth of it is that many sexist remarks and attitudes exist simply because they are not challenged. Nobody likes to be truly offensive or abusive. I’m not sure how you would categorize Benny Hill, but we can’t go so far as to make sexual innuendo and humor out bounds. Still, if you’re having a few at an after party or just on the corner after work and your friend/acquaintance/whatever makes an off-color remark etc., call them on it. Maybe you don’t have to do anything other than make a facial gesture of displeasure at such remarks, or maybe you want to ask them why they think like that, what is their reasoning? Like Lauren says, if you wait weeks or months it is likely that the offender will think the discussion is about someone other than them. Besides that, those that are not sexist really don’t need to sit through another rant or lecture about it, why punish them too?

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