My World View – Hope

We often hear apologists and theists say that their blind faith gives them hope, and further that atheists who are without faith in gods have no hope, no meaning to their lives, nothing to live for. So lets make hope the topic for tonight. Okay, you’re right, mea culpa. I’m the one doing the blogging so ‘I’ will make that the topic.

WARNING: I do not speak for any other atheist and no other atheist speaks for me. The views expressed here (quite obviously) are my own and are not necessarily supported by others of non-belief.

Back to our regular program.

Lets define hope:

1 : to cherish a desire with anticipation <hopes for a promotion>
2 archaic : trust transitive verb
1 : to desire with expectation of obtainment
2 : to expect with confidence : trust

Pithy thought: What the hell do you mean that I have no hope. What are you smoking that makes you think that I hold the view of anti-theist because I’m searching for hope? Did you fall from the stupid tree and bang your head on every branch on the way down? I also don’t look to not playing golf to give me hope in my life. Seriously, sit down and google the meaning of atheism. It is NOT a world view. It’s NOT supposed to give you hope. Just pull your head out already. How can you stand the smell? Not believing in something is not a world view. I get my hope just like other people – from the things I believe in. Even if none of them is a god, I still get my hope and meaning in life from the things I do believe in.

Serious thought: Pull your head out. Not believing in something is not a world view. We all get our hope and meaning from the things we believe in. The theist chooses to find hope in things that cannot be proven, things which are, despite any evidence yet offered, completely false. They know it’s a sugar pill but are too superstitious to actually give it up and try reality.

Me, I believe in reality; what is; the stuff that there is no reason to doubt because we have supporting evidence or proof. Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder (though I’m not sure how that works for Stevie Wonder). We might twist that a little bit and say beauty is to be found in what you can see (or touch and hear for Stevie). That is to say, beauty and value are found in what we can know. I mean really know through shared experience, testability, repeatability etc. I have written about hope. It is not imaginary reward from imaginary gods… it is the strength to say I will not die today. I will not surrender to all that wants to kill me. I will survive and wake to swing my weapons at the dragons that tomorrow brings. I will not go quietly into that good night. Hope is not the promise of a reward but the defiance of all that wants you to surrender. It is not a gift, it is wilful defiance of chaos. It is not something to steady you in tough times but rather the will, when caught between a rock and a hard place, to stand defiantly and refuse both of them permission to pass. Hope is when I say ‘I am … and I will be’

The theist who prays for help, asking for hope is not lucky, they are weak. Do not be ashamed, weakness is the nature of life. You may surrender yourself to your god and ‘hope’ for deliverance. This is false hope, no better than tossing a coin to decide your fate. True hope is refusing the whims of chaos and claiming the position of that most horrible of things –  a human ape. Life acting on its own and carving up the world to reshape it to be the ape’s servant. We have explored other planets. We know more about the center of the sun than the authors of the Christian Bible knew about wheelbarrows. We have terraformed this planet, perhaps not for the best, but we have done it. We know what an electron looks like. We have found other worlds like our own. We human apes, the most horrible of all beasts on this planet do not surrender. When the rules do not suit us we change them. We ARE hope.

There, fixed that definition for you.


  1. Some good stuff.

    • Thank you. Being as I am, this is how I think and I kind of do so in a vacuum. Thanks for stopping by Don. You and I are in the same direction, but I think that we understand it differently.

  2. “That is to say, beauty and value are found in what we can know. I mean really know through shared experience, testability, repeatability etc. “ Wanna play outside anyone?

    You wonder what love is, what happiness feels like. I believe both resemble your definition of beauty. Truth…this is beauty, love and happiness all in one. No it is not so complex…it just is Mal.

    “We ARE hope.”

    To find You, You must look from outside. To simply be, You simply are Hope. Sometimes in the lonely game all you have is you, all you are is Hope.

    Did I get it?


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