What Will It Sound Like When Religion Dies? Part 2

This, being part 2, is a continuation of what I think will be a rather longer series of posts. That is the boring stuff out of the way, lets dive in…


Here is a post from Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President, Freedom From Religion Foundation where she lays out all the reasons that moderate Christians should get off the fence, out of the church, and into the light of reason. In other words, don’t be sitting on a pew when the church finally crumbles.

And then there is this, and many more like it: Ex-Muslim writes handbook for young atheists. The Young Atheist’s Handbook by former Muslim Alom Shaha.

Robin Ince, writer and comedian said of The Young Atheist’s Handbook:

A book that destroys the cliche of the atheist as joyless rationalist and shows the humanity, love, and concern that often lies behind godless thinking.

And atheist comedian Tim Minchin said:

More than just a great handbook, this is an honest and often very moving story about valuing truth over hope, even in the face of grief.

Recently, in the news, we have more recordings of the sound of religion as it dies:

“God, save me … from your believers” – The Clergy Project

Lifted directly from Hemant Mehta’s blog The Friendly Atheist

Ex-pastor Jerry DeWitt, the first graduate of the Clergy Project, is working through that transition period between making a living (and lying) behind the pulpit and finding work outside of the church world. The Kansas City Atheist Coalition is chipping in to help him out and they’ve already raised a significant amount, but you can chip in here if you find it worthwhile

For religion to die, society must see it as dead. This funerary service will be prolonged and in the public square, such as this little video:

Note: Hemant Mehta also used this video with his own comments. Good comments too. I agree with him. Let this stuff be shown. Lets enjoy the funeral services.  You have to love the sound bites, here is Barney Franks with a few more worth a listen.

The Free Thinker blog has a piece about Islam working hard to ensure that their religion won’t die. They will kill all opponents first, so only supporters are left living.

“RELATIVELY liberal and moderate” Kuwait is on the verge of introducing the death penalty for Muslims who offend their god, the Koran,  Mohammed and his wives, and other assorted “prophets” of the Religion of Peace.

Lets not leave out the Jews. The Jewmanist has a post noting the secret lives of Jewish kiddie diddlers. More specifically what the clergy wants from the public with regard to such child rapists: silence

All in all it can be said that these are not isolated incidents or that ‘well, there are a lot of fundamentalists in the world’.  Rather we need to look at them in perspective. Each of the great monotheistic Abrahamic faiths is falling apart at the seams, demonizing the rest of the world while showing themselves more and more incapable of preventing their own ranks from continuing to cause harm to the world. Abrahamic faith is outdated, immoral, and has one foot in the grave. Enjoy the services

That’s my opinion. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

    • Apollodorosh
    • May 14th, 2012

    I don’t think we should hope for the death of abrahamic religions, only of fundamentalism dying. That those who simply wish to lead their lives in peace, even amongst peoples of other religions, will consistently stand up every time fundamentalism rears it’s ugly head to disarm it and stop it in it’s tracks. There can be found good in abrahamic religions, even if all too often it is obscured by ignorance and fundamentalism.

    For example, my best friend is a Roman Catholic. We’ve been friends for a few years, and only about I think a year ago by now, did he, rather casually, mention that at one point in his life he had been a Vaishnava Hindu. I nearly fell of my fucking chair. When I asked him further about it he told me that a nefue of his was (and still is) a Vashnavist, and had introduced my friend to the religion while he was studying theology (especially of Christian and Hindu theology). And for while he also practiced and found contentment in it. But then his mother got seriously ill and he had to help tend for her. During this period he rediscovered the values of compassion and love from the Roman Catholic religion (the majority religion in Flanders, still so today), as he visited church with his mother when she could. And so he rolled back into Roman Catholicism with ease.

    So I think there can be found beauty and satisfaction in Abrahamic religions, if you can take away extremism and all that uglyness…

    • Apollodorosh, you said
      “So I think there can be found beauty and satisfaction in Abrahamic religions, if you can take away extremism and all that uglyness”

      Given the doctrine of these faiths, how would you propose that the extremism and ugliness be taken away without altering the faith in non-trivial ways?
      I don’t think you can and still call it an Abrahamic faith.

        • Apollodorosh
        • May 14th, 2012

        The practical part of what I stated is off course another thing entirely… Theory and practice don’t always agree with one another 😛 I ultimately don’t think it’s feasible either :-/

        • I sort of skipped the ‘ideal’ part and went all pragmatic and stuff 🙂

            • Apollodorosh
            • May 15th, 2012

            Well, I tend to be more of an idealist >.>

  1. Dammit, every one of your posts is filled with hours of reading material and videos to follow up. I really want to give this a worthwhile response, but I don’t have time to look at all of this (or even make a reasonable start) right now.

    Possible bit of feedback therefore (and I open this up to discussion with you and your other readers): Perhaps you could split up this volume of material over several posts/ days? That would give me a better chance of engaging fully with your argument. Especially on a day like today when I have work to do and also would like to catch up on all your recent blogging.

    • jonnyscaramanga, trust me, the comments will still be open when you get the time to comment. Thanks for stopping by to read my thoughts.

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