My World View – Something From Nothing

Well, this argument goes on and on; Why is there something rather than nothing – or The Cosmological Argument for God. I can’t say that Lawrence Krauss‘ argument answers all the questions this spawns, but he does a good job of explaining why physicists can say that something does come from nothing – no god required. This video is well worth watching – several times.



There are perspectives which start with the idea that the big bang was just a spark between two rocks and our entire universe exists within that spark. Our ‘something’ might be nothing after all. What the real answer is has not been agreed upon. I have my own ideas that it might be a big splash and not a big bang but either one is the dispersion of energy which decays toward equilibrium in a medium (space).

The take away from all of it is that gods are not required to explain the existence of the universe as we know it. There is one less gap that gods can hide in.

  1. You Said:
    “There are perspectives which start with the idea that the big bang was just a spark between two rocks and our entire universe exists within that spark.”

    It’s not that the big bang “was” the spark between two rocks but that the significance and size of our universe, as it relates to what else is out there, could be “the equivalent” of such a spark.

    You can delete this comment, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

    Yes I’m reading your posts. They are quit interesting. 🙂

    • I see no reason to remove the comment. The idea of big splash and spark both solve the same criterion. Either would be sufficient an answer for that particular focused question.

  2. correction “quite” interesting.

    • Apollodorosh
    • May 13th, 2012

    “Creatio ex nihilo” (Cretion out of nothing) as is proposed by Abrahamic religions with God as an external creator of the universe is quite illogical. Where did the God come from? What was he doing before going about and creating the universe in that vast eternity that lies before creation? Did he just “poof” into existence and go about creating the universe? WHAT was he doing before creation, and WHY did he suddenly think it was a good idea to create the universe???

    Within the Hellenic worldview such thoughts of an external creator are ridiculous. The Kósmos is perceived as perfect and complete, and all-containing. Nothing can exist outside of it, for then it would not be all-containing, and thus the Kósmos would neither be perfect nor complete. This also means that the Gods are also part of the fabric that is the Kósmos, which is eternal and arose from within and off itself, with no external impulse. Everything in existence emanates from that which came before.

    • It’s always good to hear from you Apollodorosh, and good to have the insight from a different perspective. I can see how worry over what is outside the Kosmos is not justified from your world view. I wonder what, in light of scientific discoveries, do you think of the big bang theory?

        • Apollodorosh
        • May 13th, 2012

        Well I think it’s more than just a theory, but in any case I don’t see any contradiction between mythology and the scientific explanation. For a start, mythology is not a literal account of what happened, and second, there simply is nothing contradicting.

        I myself prefer the Hesiodic mythology concerning how the world came to be, with everything emanating from eacother. From the primal “stuff” first came Khaos (which is a chasm rather than what we now call chaos), and then everything else in successions. The Big Bang came and everything else formed of that. Both accounts rely on emanationism, one thing coming from another.

        In the Orphic mythology it’s a bit different. The Orphics believed in an original Cosmic Egg (identified nowadays with the singularity that erupted in the Big Bang according to scientific theories), from which came Phanes (the name means “shining”, and identified as the divine essence from which everything is made), from whom again emanated all things in succession (the order of succession is somewhat different than in the Hesiodic account but still the basic idea is the same).

        Hope you get my ramblming 😛

        • I do get your rambling. I think it’s a shame that so few these days know and appreciate the other mythologies. They simply claim their own is correct and ignore all others out of ignorance. Thank you once again for sharing. It is my hope that your sharing here will help bring at least a small amount of awareness of the other religions which they have forgotten through ignorance. Many have no clue of what their own myths stole from Hellenism and others, they simply think they are right.

          Perhaps we two find your world view important for differing reasons, but Hellenists are living what most monotheists claim to be living. In this is more honesty and honor than in all of Christendom.

          The very fact that your world view does not conflict with the scientific fact makes a big difference. I have my world view and I wish to take no part in saying that anyone else is wrong simply because they don’t agree with me but when they want to change my world to fit their beliefs… well, I have a problem. I wish that all believers of any ilk could simply be and let be.

          For that reason I find pantheists much more accommodating and friendly than monotheists. I have yet to find one that is insulted that I don’t believe as they do. It is only monotheists which seem to have no room in their dogma for alien life or visitors from other planets. From what I have learned, every other creed or non-creed in the world allows for such to happen. Some even positively express that it can or will happen, that it must happen.

          My anger is not for your beliefs. I reserve it for those who, by doctrine, must convert me and force me to live as they choose. I do not believe there is divinity in the universe, but I believe that as harsh and uncaring as I find the universe, there is room for celebration and contentment. I cannot believe that biology is designed, but if it was then beer is more than simple luck.

          A Sunday afternoon toast to mothers everywhere, and to being and let be.

          Thanks Apollodorosh

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