Religion Poisons Everything – North Carolina

Quick Note: This is a rewrite, which hopefully removes some confusion.

Well, there you go. North Carolinians voted to make something illegal more illegal. Sounds ok, right? Unless you think about it. They voted to make same sex marriage illegal and to legally define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Without any proof that this will help society they voted in large numbers to enact oppressive laws.

The only justification ever given for the oppression of GLBTQ citizens is the Christian Bible. Yep. What? Yes, go read it again. The big monotheistic religions (read Abrahamic faiths) use their holy texts as an excuse to oppress other people. North Carolinians have proven this… yet again.

I am not gay, and I don’t have any personal insight on this problem from that point of view. What I can say is that I have no reason or motivation to deny them the very same rights that I enjoy. If I lived in North Carolina I would be making preparations to move to some other state.

If you live in North Carolina and you voted to deny people the right to same sex marriage I want to hear your excuse. Yeah, I know you are not likely to be reading my blog in the first place. If you do get here, tell us why it is that you think you have the right to oppress other people. What gives  you the moral right to tell others that their love and feelings are not valid, valued, nor even permissible?

There are a lot of things wrong in the world today, there are a lot of things which need fixing in America. Ensuring that non-heterosexuals cannot marry is not one of them. Just the same, that is what  you did. Why?

Seriously, why is the message of Christian Americans that of hate and bigotry? I’d like to hear this. Tell us why you deserve any respect at all, when you actively work to oppress other humans.

It is not likely that I will get any comments from these bigots, but I cannot stay quiet. Like I said, I’m not a gay rights activist but I cannot fathom this vote. Religion poisons everything. It has no positive purpose. Not one.

North Carolina sucks. If you live there, start speaking out. I don’t get it. It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, yet you’re doing just that. Where will your bigotry attack next? Will you enact ‘Blue Laws’ to protect the Sabbath? Perhaps you’ll get a law on the books making women who get abortions guilty of 1st degree murder? What next North Carolina? Sexual relations outside the bindings of marriage is immoral according to your holy texts so will you make that illegal too?


    • Apollodorosh
    • May 10th, 2012

    “I have no reason to say that I like gay people.”

    Well, in the same way you rightfully ask these Abrahamic bigots what gives them the right to oppress other, perhaps yoiu could also ask yourself why you do not like gay people. Then wonder if your excuse is really a valid one 😉

    • Yeah that did not come out right. I like ham and cheese sandwiches, but I have no reason to go telling people that I like them. It’s sort of the anti-statement. I won’t tell you that ‘see, I have gay friends’ or ‘I’m not gay but I like gay people so what I’m about to say is correct’ kind of thing.

      I still can’t think of a good way to say that. I should rewrite it.

        • Apollodorosh
        • May 10th, 2012

        So you just see them as ordinary human beings taht need no special attention and should enjoy the same rights as everyone else by default, is that the best way to describe it?

        • That is pretty good. I see no reason or need to question the sex lives of anyone, well except those whose sex life might involve me 🙂 Generally I don’t care what people do in their own homes, I have the same level of interest in the sex lives of all people … basically zero. They’re just people. To deprive any group of any of the rights that I enjoy, based on something other than things like criminal behavior is wrong.

          What is next? Missionary position only? This type of discrimination prevents people from helping those they love and at times when they most need it. It’s hatred to deny compassion to other people based on such things. The very same groups supporting this law would deny non-believers (non-Christians probably) their rights too, if given a chance.

          Being X is not a crime, we do not need laws to prevent it or curb the rights of those who are, where X could be: GLBTQ, Atheist, Arabic, Asian, pro-choice, left handed, red haired, or any of millions of differences between the various people of the world.

  1. “The only justification ever given for the oppression of GLBTQ citizens is the Christian Bible.”

    I’d hardly call the definition of marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman “oppression”…but it should be pointed out that the Christian Bible isn’t the “only justification”:

  2. I am inclined to think that many conservative Christians are consciously using homosexuals as a form of human sacrifice. It is their way of proving their faith to God.

    • danielwalldammit,
      You might be right. The victimhood syndrome may be pushing them to ‘do something’ and this is the only way that can assert the law of the OT on to society without being called murderers… given that the OT law mostly calls for capital punishment for everything but rape and kiddie diddling.

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