CONTEST – blatant self promotion

Okay, the good and the bad of it were in the title. I would like to somehow generate more discussion. Admittedly I’m not all that knowledgeable as to how to do that. I’ve seen several suggestions for using a contest to generate more interaction, so I’m going to run with that to see what happens.

Such a contest should not be difficult, right?

The rules

If you live in Texas you’ll know what Juneteenth is. This contest will run till Juneteenth … a day of emancipation.

On Juneteenth I will announce a winner. The winner will be anyone that has either the most ‘liked’ comment or the most comments on my blog between now and then. I’m fairly certain that this will be some measure of work for me, but hey… it’s all good. The contest, like life, is purely subjective and I am ‘the’ judge. I asked the blog owner and he agreed that this is how it must be.

What do  you win?

I have three paperback books up for grabs which might be of interest to you:

Each of these easy read paperbacks was good enough for me to fork over the cash. I enjoyed all three of them so I’ll give the winner their choice, and in the case of a tie (I’m the judge so that can happen) I’ll give second place their choice of the remaining two books.

You never know, I might even award a third place but of course the third place winner won’t get much of a choice … oops.

Anyway, that’s the deal. Post the most comments or get the most likes on your comment and you’re a winner.

This is probably inviting controversy, but it should be fun anyway. I’m looking forward to some lively conversation.

Thanks, and good luck.

  1. Hi. I’m winning.

  2. It’s inviting pointless comments, that’s what it is! Like this one.

  3. Would have helped if I’d read the previous comments first. But then I wouldn’t be posting this. Win.

  4. Just a thought: I think it should be done on number of comments, even quality of comments if you like, but not the number of likes each comment gets. If things get competitive, that just encourages posters not to like each other’s comments.

    • Well, I did say that I make the final decisions. So The judging rules are still somewhat flexible 🙂

  5. has to be quality of comments – anyone can witter on posting inane comment after inane comment…

  6. Oddly enough, all the comments I get seem to be very thoughtful. I’ve been surprised at the lack of bad or negative comments. I continue to be confused by this.

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