Are You Bored?

If you have a couple dozen hours, I have something interesting for you. I’ve subscribed to the youtube channel EvolutionDocumentary. If you are looking for something that simply defies all the creationist arguments, I recommend a few hours on this channel. The quality is excellent and the information is wonderful.

The recent releases about dogs and how they transformed themselves and humanity and how humanity transformed them is a real story of evolution. No god made dogs… they chose to be as they are. The need for food meant that human waste was good pickings, and so there was a niche. Our friend the wolf stepped in and the rest is history.

I watch such shows and read of such things and I cannot bring myself to say that any gods had anything to do with life as we know it today. It’s simply wrong to think that. Yaaayyy evolution!

Happy viewing



I nearly forgot. If you are going to get a new pet, PLEASE choose a rescue pet. Don’t feed the puppy mills. They suck. Rescue pets are truly good friends. Check the SPCA and other animal organizations in your area. They are always in need of people to adopt animals that need a good home and a safe life. Thanks

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