The Truth Is Fragile

Perhaps it is that actual truth has a strength that will outlast all attackers, but it seems that in the common public square truth has the fragility of dandelion seed floating in the wind over an open ocean. Without that stalwart support of passionate and bullish truth tellers it would sink and drown in the ocean of stupid.

One might be pushed to the point of thinking that if you can’t pass a high school biology class you should forever be limited to physical labor.  Of course this is not fair as it abandons the possibility that such folk can be educated. What hope have we of education systems if this is what they produce? Human apes really are capable of much better reasoning than Aronra is opposing here, but sadly it doesn’t happen often enough.

The problem here is not ideology, it is religious dogmatism against education. For the love of all that is good, religion must die.

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