What Will It Sound Like When Religion Dies?

Having heard the promotional videos and read many blog posts promoting the Reason Rally I can easily say that what I’ve heard since the rally doesn’t live up to the terms “life changing event” or “once in a lifetime event” or anything close to absolutely amazing. Sure, in contrast to what happens most weekends on the National Mall it might be called amazing, but this event doesn’t spell the end of religion in America. In fact, Religion Gone Bad (TM) garnered far more air time that week than anything at the Reason Rally. Even with the WBC in attendance paedophile priests, rapist pastors, and general RGB was more interesting to the media than a life changing, once in a lifetime event for non-believers. Let that sink in for a minute. Let the vapours of that observation permeate your garments. Now sniff deeply. Does that smell right to you?

NOTE: Yes, I know religion was bad to start with so RGB seems redundant. meh

In a utopian world the fact that people who don’t believe in gods get together should be a non-event. No police, no fights, no arrests, no questionable use of tazers, no riotous protests. Just people getting together to hear speakers and share ideas. You know, much like any convention. That seems to be exactly what happened on March 24th. A few people got together to talk and share ideas. Lets face it, even generous counting at 50,000 Reason Rally attendees pales when you think that about 100,000 showed up for the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dallas Texas. Yes, that’s right… roughly twice as many people attended a green parade to catch some beads and drink a few beverages. I know the rain didn’t help the situation, but those kind of numbers put a sick perspective on things.

No, I’m not criticizing the event at all. Not in the least. I think it was a good start, but that is it… a start. This is the sound of religion as it dies. Not earth shattering screams with earthquakes and angelic forms watching from the sky. It sounds like people doing things without religion and sometimes it sounds like people doing without religion because they enjoy it. Evolution happens in small steps. Gradual steps. Imperceptibly small gradations. The next rally might be a bit bigger or even a bit smaller. The fact that there is a next rally is the cutting edge of the blade. This is how evolution works. It doesn’t even have to be on the National Mall. It could be a couple of dozen small rallies around the country instead. The sound of religion’s death throws is not some loud rumbling but the small noises made by those who are happy without religion. It is the sound of unanswered accusations of lies, the sound of a gavel as one more priest is incarcerated, the rattle of handcuffs as one more rapist pastor is imprisoned. It’s the laugh track on a stupid sitcom when one of the actors makes a mockery of religious belief.

The sound of religion dying is not the sound of sacrilege, but the sound of people being happy without religion. Look around  you, dear reader, can you hear the sound of religion dying?

What will  you do when there is no more religion? Tell us in the comments.


Here is a post from Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President, Freedom From Religion Foundation where she lays out all the reasons that moderate Christians should get off the fence, out of the church, and into the light of reason. In other words, don’t be sitting on a pew when the church finally crumbles.

And then there is this, and many more like it: Ex-Muslim writes handbook for young atheists. The Young Atheist’s Handbook by former Muslim Alom Shaha.

Robin Ince, writer and comedian said of The Young Atheist’s Handbook:

A book that destroys the cliche of the atheist as joyless rationalist and shows the humanity, love, and concern that often lies behind godless thinking.

And atheist comedian Tim Minchin said:

More than just a great handbook, this is an honest and often very moving story about valuing truth over hope, even in the face of grief.


  1. I myself cant stand religion.It divides.I have learned in my years that it is a relationship.Works for me and my house:) Im always learning and growing.Yet i see religion causing more and more confussion as well as problems.I truly believe that you should stand up for what you believe no matter what.just my little 2 cents speaking as a warrior here lol

    • Thanks for the reply

      Rather than stand up for what I believe I try to find what is true and then see if that is something I want to stand up for. Theists stand up for what they believe too.

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