Apologetics Simply Can’t…

There seems no new way to defend monotheistic religion. No matter who tries they always fall foul of the same errors in judgement or logic and reason. I mention this because I read a blog post at The Friendly Atheist today that was written by

This is a guest post by Andrew L. He is a 40-something business consultant, former Christian, current atheist, and mountain biker. He lives in Denver.

He spent a day at a ‘faith defending conference’ and did a nice write up about it. Below is the summary but it can be said that he spent a day listening to people use bad logic to defend an imaginary deity.

The Summary:

Too often these presentations relied on fairly extensive appeals to authority or assertions to “just accept this possible explanation since you can’t prove differently.” This doesn’t work for me and my disbelief is largely unmoved by these presentations. In the past, I’ve explained my disbelief to Christian friends by saying my doubts were like thoroughly enjoying a movie and then realizing the next morning that there were all these obvious plot holes. These presentations did nothing to close the plot holes of Christianity.

I left the event with a couple of new thoughts and a couple of new questions. I wonder if structured training regarding apologetics is something that should be offered within our circles so we can discuss and debate right back. Though I would still stack our young defenders against theirs any day, I’ve cringed at the knowledge gaps some people on our side have displayed on YouTube or on blog posts. This need for education continues into adulthood where I may know my biology and Christian philosophy but I could use some help when it comes to the methods of philosophy or the conclusions of cosmology.

It was his last sentence that caught my attention even though the whole post is an enjoyable read. The one thing I know had the greatest impact on my move from evangelical to anti-theist was a desire to learn. No amount of schools or lectures would have helped till I was ready to learn. That is generally how we human apes do things. Structured training will do little more than address the yearnings of those already learning. I know, that sounds self defeatist on face value.

The reason rally is going to happen soon. Many debates are available on Youtube and more happen all the time. Education is out there for the average joe/jane. They have to want to use it before it will do them any good. Modern philosophy is handled by several website quite well. No, it’s not a Stanford education but you can learn the basics and join in conversations about it all over the place. It’s kind of like living a block from the public library but complaining that you can’t afford books. If you’re interested in what I’m talking about, try this link – Atheist Resource. So there you go, more than you can read tonight. Where should you start? Anywhere. What should you read? All of it.

The more you read and study the more you will question if learning is your goal. I went from staunch evangelical to asking questions like “Who thought of gods as an explanation for things?” and the answer is not monotheists. Where was the monotheist’s god when all the previous gods were being worshipped? Their god couldn’t have been that convincing even back then. Between the time of Noah and Moses the Jews forgot about Yahweh, he had to remind them with the ten commandments not to have any other gods before him. How did god pick Noah if he knew that his descendants would end up not worshipping him? Why destroy the Earth in a flood if he knew it would not work out as he claims to have planned? What we know of philosophy is not needed to refute such contradictory bs. The believer’s ‘words of god’ are so contradictory that they cannot be called perfect, no matter how much you try to excuse them. The almighty creator of the universe failed to communicate his will in written word, then stopped hanging around humans… if he ever did in the first place. It’s incredibly difficult to think such myths are believable. There are very few believers that can even begin to mount a defence against the questions that a 6 year old can ask. Why did god let the devil into the garden as a snake? He’s not a good parent! And he lied about knowing everything otherwise he would not have made Adam and Eve so they would fail. Oh wait, I forgot, free will… but what kind of test is it when the instructor already knows you will fail? Their god is not a nice and loving guy.

Seriously, how much philosophy do you need to state why monotheism is wrong?

If you want to argue about how we know what we know and if we know it at all, don’t look at theists for a lesson. They don’t know and they aren’t looking for any answers. Such questions, like the matter of quantum physics, are not fully answered yet. We’re still learning. I just don’t see what you might organize for atheists to learn from that isn’t already available.

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