Feminism – A Very Big Can Of Worms

Oh yeah, here we go again. Another male with an opinion about feminism… right?


People who think that men have no vested interest or equity in speaking about women’s rights obviously have no idea how equality works. Equality is not gained simply by yelling at the top of your lungs until no one will dare speak against you. Equality is gained by social consensus and societal law which is also created by consensus. If there is to be consensus then men must have a place at the table in the discussion of what is still not equal between the sexes. Try any argument that you want but until society in general supports equality those protected by the law may well not feel that they are treated equally. Societal consensus is required for ‘actual’ equality.

Over at the FreeThinker there is a post about Naked ladies calendar sends an ‘up yours’ message to religious fundies. A nice quote from that piece is:

Poppy Wilson St James added:

I find it strange that it is more acceptable to seen on screen violence and guns than even a nipple. There is something wrong with our mindset if that is what we accept as the norm and shy away from nudity which is a completely natural state.

Think about that for a minute. Nudity is bad, violence is good. Love is bad, hate is good.

There are always feminists wanting to lump misogyny with pornography… and it’s always wrong.

Over at FreeThoughtBlogs is a post that declares there is an all out war against women on the Black Skeptics blog.

Sunsara Taylor says “In reality, there is no meaningful difference between the Bible’s view of women and pornography’s view of women. Both reduce women to “things” to be controlled by men.”

I suppose that is like the war on drugs. Not really a war, just an attempt to garner support for a cause that will fail without unquestioning support. A waste of time and effort that would otherwise fail in the revealing light of thoughtful repose. In the post we are supposed to blithely accept the thought that pornography and religion treat women exactly the same. Both may, in some views, be wrong but they do not treat women the same. Women priests, not so much. Women pornographers, absolutely. The view that all pornography is unashamedly misogynistic is the view of someone who actually spends no time exploring pornography. The simple fact is rule 34 and rule 35 (See  Rules of the Internet) tell us that pornography is not a conspiracy by misogynists, but the natural result of humanity. If you think that the current offerings in pornography are wrong, go make some that you think are right. The marketplace will tell you if you are stupid.

Try to keep in mind that laws trying to curb pornography prohibited showing pubic hair – viola! shaven genitals! Careful what you wish for is what my old grandma used to say.

The fact is that you can enjoy pornography and not treat women unequally. While they are busy claiming the harm that porn does not one person seems to notice that too many of the commercials seem to be showing guys as ignorant sport fans or wimpy mamma’s boys.

So where do we take this next? Do all public opinions, all entertainment productions, all things of all kinds have to go through a filter which allows feminists to pre-approve the content? Note that I am not arguing that there is no inequality in society, only that I think that far too much of what I hear from and about feminists is wrong. They do not seem to be seeking equality so much as destroying everything that does not fit their version of equality, which is more or less what they are complaining about from the other side.

When you say that “all of x is bad” or “there is no good in y” then you are making a mistake. All pornography is not bad. Pornography was not designed to denigrate and control women…. religion was. I want to say there is no good in religion but I’ll settle for the statement that any good in religion can be sourced from elsewhere.

Here’s a parting thought: Women who think they are not treated equally, hear my words. To be treated equally you have to deal with the fact that some people are going to think you are stupid regardless of your sex. There will be people that think your personality sucks. There will be people that don’t want to talk to you or hear your side of things because of a billion different reasons that have nothing to do with your sex organs. If you’re willing to accept that… maybe you should be thought equal already. Just remember that this is how life is. Just ask a man who is not part of the ‘old boy network’ himself. Statistically, the breakdown of people who don’t like you or outright hate you is about 50% women, %50 men. This is how it will always be.


  1. Mal,

    What a beautifully written post.
    You say it all.

    Thank you,


    • Your appreciation is validation … thank you

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