The Reason That Religious Priviledge Must End – Fire Judge Mark Martin

There is a story circulating about a man who was attacked because he dressed up in a Halloween parade as a Zombie Mohammed. He was in the parade along with a Zombie Pope. Imagine what would happen if someone had attacked the Zombie Pope. They would be found guilty of assault, right? When this attack got to court the judge found it to be the most wise thing to dismiss the assault and call the victim a ‘doofus’ for provoking the attack. You know, like how when women provoke rapists by not dressing in the correct moral way; like how all those idiots who provoke school bullies by being different.

There is no excuse for this and no excuse for Pennsylvanians letting this judge keep his job. Fire Judge Mark Martin for failing to uphold his oath of office. Now why would I say that? Well he clearly is having trouble understanding what discrimination is, and there is a non-discrimination policy that all Pennsylvania courts must uphold. In fact there is a lot of other stuff that judges in Pennsylvania are supposed to abide by. Clearly this judge no longer wants to be a judge. Lets encourage the citizens of Pennsylvania to help him out with this wish he seems to have.

Just one more thing to say:

Hey guys, can you revisit this song… the judiciary needs a big shout out.

    • Marci Porter
    • February 24th, 2012

    This is pure insanity and this man needs to be taken off the bench. Using Islam as his basis for his ruling is 100% unconstitutional, just as it would be if he used Christianity as the basis for allowing someone to attack (and get away with it) anyone. This is unbelievable.

    • Just wait, next thing you’ll know Youtube will be censoring videos based on religious content… oh wait, they already are.

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