1 + 3 = 4 Your Consideration

Every now and then I see some things that seem to add up. Today it was two videos and a blog post. The combinatorial effect is more or less how I feel about things, where things equals anti-theism. By now you should know that I’m not too keen on an ‘atheist community’ because it just doesn’t fit with how I feel about non-belief. I don’t need help to not believe. I’m pretty good doing that all on my own. So lets get to the bits that link up:

Really, who has the staminal to argue with the Hitch? Not many I would think.

Then there is this from Dusty

Go Dusty! There are the reasons that leaving religion behind is important.

Then there is this sort of guest post from Ellery Schempp at the Friendly Atheist

There is NO reason to think that inter-faith efforts do anything but bolster the position of religion. Really, religion has to go. No need to say anything more. Those famous atheists who support working together simply have no clue as to how caustic religion really is. That is sad.


Lets not forget JT Eberhards view on why Reason is a Moral Obligation:

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