The Language Of Religion

The language of religion is a language replete with assertions and certainties that there is more than the natural world we know. That is to say the language of religion is about declaring that there is more to life than can be known… without a religion to guide you through the murky waters of those things which are known about that which cannot be known. Without the language of religion we would not know about gods and demons, prayer and prophecy, eternal reward and eternal damnation. It is the language of religion that gives divine right or authority to those who would oppress or enslave you.

Theists will tell you that without the language of religion there would be chaos and evil in the world. I have some news for everyone: The world is currently running at capacity for chaos and evil. There is no shortage of either. The theist will tell you that without the language of religion there would be no basis for morality. In doing so they are admitting to you that they have no idea what morality is or where it might have arisen from. They are ignorant of a great deal of science by chance or choice. No matter the cause, they are ignorant. That they will insist they are right is proof that they are obstinate, and far from worthy of leading the conversation.

For these reasons I believe it is time that the conversation between theists and non-theists take a different turn. It does no person any justice to allow the discussion to be based around the dogma and sycophantic proclamations. On the Atheist Experience show they ask two questions: what do you believe and why do you believe it?

I think those are sage words. Any discussion I have from now on with theists will include this format. Why do you believe that? Why do you think that is true? How do you know that? I’ll attempt to look at it as though it is the first time I’ve been introduced to the language of religion. I use phrases like: Why do you believe that? How can you say that? What makes you think that is true? How do you know that xyz really happened? Yeah, but there is no proof of that… is there? I plan to spend the entire conversation asking them to explain… like a 5 year old with a bag full of candy. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Oh, and I won’t accept religious metaphor as explanation for anything. None of this ‘he died for our sins’ stuff. They will have to explain every last detail to use that. What is sin? Why are you sure I have sin? Who was Adam? Why am I guilty of Adam’s sin? and on and on.

It’s funny but they seem to run out of answers really quickly and they’ll be all too happy to end the conversation when it is entirely about them defending their stupid and dangerous beliefs.

If you’ve ever done this or try it, let us know how it worked out in the comments below.


  1. I stopped believing in God but I’m surrounded by God fearing family and community.

    I may have managed to get myself caught up in something referred to as Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment (I talk about it, some, in my profile).

    From what I’ve seen, religious organizations (though not limited to just them) seem to have access to a technology or secret service, of sorts, that can make you believe their claims about the power and ability of God because it gives them the ability to do things that one wouldn’t think people could do (like respond to what you think). It looks like they use this technology to invoke the image of both God and the Devil on people the way that Parents would invoke the image of Santa Clause and the Boogie Man on their children.

    The clever part is that they develop a form of communication with you, through your natural pattern based recognition system, that hides under normal every day gestures, phrases and subtle events of synchronicity. They do it so well that it becomes very difficult for you to prove to others, what you’ve experienced, and equally as difficult for you to deny it to yourself. So you’re stuck with messages that you can neither share nor ignore. It is psychological mind rape and I think they love it.

    The same way you can train a dog to sit when you say hi, they can train a person to be afraid to question them by merely using the word “back,” repeatedly, in conversation. They just won’t say what the trigger is actually accomplishing so one couldn’t focus his/her attention against it.

    They will psychologically quarantine people and drive them into a downward spiral to apathy, stuffing them with these messages that are aimed at socially reforming them to become whatever they want them to be or suffer the consequences. I’ve heard this part summed up as “Trap or Die.”

    Then there’s the, more physically based, Electronic Harassment stuff. At least that’s what people call it but I suspect it’s a technology that is beyond electromagnetism. They can make people buzz, freeze, have heat flashes and difficulty remembering things and according to some (I haven’t experienced this yet) hear voices in their head.

    I’m just saying, many religious people appear to know things that go beyond public knowledge and that adds to there confidence. They speak indirectly, possibly, to evade accountability for their intentions. I think they depend on having others under estimate their awareness and ability though. It should definitely make it easier for them to spend years collecting personal information and developing psychological profiles on the people they target (which is what Targeted Individuals claim happens to them and what I believe happened to me).

    • I cannot tell much about your situation from what you say, nor what your abilities might be to simply leave the situation and take up life elsewhere away from those who may be trying to control your view of the world and interactions in it. Just the same, if asked, that would be my advice. Leave as quickly as you are able and do not look back. The way that you have described it there is nothing there to want to return to… just go, anywhere would be better for you. It seems to me that a young person without the ability to leave might view it as a kind of conspiracy, though the CoS tends to treat people that way. I hope that you find more happy surrounds in the very near future.

  2. I’m from Detroit. I’ve moved to Georgia, Wisconsin (Twice), South Carolina, Washington (State), and Alabama and have started jobs in North Carolina, and Virginia, and at each job, the workplace mobbing and Community Organized Stalking just picked up from where it left off at the last job.

    It’s like I committed a heinous crime and they don’t have enough evidence to convict me so they put me on a special black list.

    They use the word cut sometimes as if they’re cutting me off from society or something.

    They don’t make it clear why it’s gotten this bad. They force me to speculate all over the place about it. They act like I fully understand what the “right” thing to do is. But I see reality as much more relative than that so I keep trying to figure out what they want.

    How ever they’re doing this, it doesn’t seem legal. And I honestly don’t believe I deserve it.

    The weird thing is that they seem so powerful that it would just have been easier to kill me but they don’t, they just keep playing these mind games.

    I could not say this was real if I had not experienced it for myself so I surly don’t expect others, who haven’t experienced it to believe it either. There is no basis for them to acknowledge it.

    But at least you can say that there is this crazy dude who doesn’t believe in God but claims that somewhere between religion and government, is this secret service that seems to blur the like between the verifiable and the mystical.

    Thanks for your thoughts though.

  3. Oops! blur the “line” between the verifiable and the mystical.


  4. “…like a 5 year old with a bag full of candy. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?”

    My favorite face of Mal.


    • You are my biggest fan 😀

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