Why Science Doesn’t Have The Answers

As is often the case, science seems to lag behind common sense. What is common sense needs to be tested rigorously for science to say that yes, common sense is right. This is how it should be, despite common sense.

In this particular case science is trying to corroborate common sense, or what is commonly observed. There are a lot of factors that are difficult to test and observe in many such cases. Take, for example, the thought that Neanderthals interbred with homo sapiens. Common sense says that if they can copulate, they will.

Older human apes are happier because they have fewer worries.

  • They are no longer competing for mates
  • They are no longer seeking social approval on the same insecurity level as 20 year old humans
  • They have a larger body of knowledge
  • They are not competing with others to change the world or similar goals
  • Many do not feel the need to have your approval for their beliefs or actions

The question should not be why are they more happy, but why are younger humans not happy as they can be. Sometimes it is all in how you ask the question and why you ask it. The question in this case is asked with the assumption that 22 year old human apes are the norm. This is a wrong assumption. Humans with the most knowledge (on average) should be the normative value. The question should be why are 25 year old human apes not as happy as they should be?

Ahhhh science…..



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