I Understand… Really I Do

I can finally comprehend 15 billion years worth of the history of the universe. Can you? Carl Sagan can.

Do you know what it means to even think about comprehending this amount of time? Can you see in your mind’s eye the changes that happened in 15 billion years? Can you see the violence that was the norm for your world for 500 million years? Can you see the huge rock that smashed into your world and destroyed everything to create the moon? Can you imagine the world that resulted? Can you see the picture of an entire planet on fire and slowly cooling down? Can you imagine this world of hostile environment for millions of years?

Can you imagine a world where the wind and rain talk to nobody. A world devoid of life? A world that is indifferent to the lack of life? A world that does not notice the bacteria growing in a remote spot of it? Can you imagine that bacteria changing and beginning to move around?

The tides come and go, summer heat and winter cold comes and goes. No change but the seasons except for the occasional striking of the earth by rocks flying through space. In the heat of one summer,  a cell divides and reproduces itself. So fortunate is this moment that when the tides rise again and the heat is enough the cells again split. With infinite patience these cells wait. An almost infinite level of boring and slow change. Day after mind-numbing day, one imperceptible change after the other. Slowly the flora and fauna begin to conquer the globe. Life has taken a hold of this planet. Year after year it continues, without end and without purpose, like mold growing on the sidewalk.

Over time these changes result in animals, life with the ability to move autonomously. With the same slow changes they grow, multiply. Millions of years pass this way. Over time they become adapted enough to hunt in new areas, to stalk their prey. Life feeds on life. Small changes happen. Imperceptible to any observance. First one animal, then another, and another. As they adapt to their environment they change, slowly becoming incompatible with their ancestors. It goes unnoticed. One hour might as well be one century. An observer could not see the difference between them. The flora and fauna thrive, each giving rise to offspring and new species according to their environment and evolution. Life is. Life continues. Those that give preference to spawning new life survive. The cycle of life is complete now. Some millennial time frame in the future, these animals not only survive they thrive. One of them changes so much they have enough energy to concentrate the extra on their brains. This is expedient. Imperceptible changes continue.  One day an ape wanders beyond its living area to hunt. It is successful. Sharing the information causes others to leave their area to find food and mates. Soon this ape has wandered the globe, leaving a trail of descendants behind.

As they adapt to their environments, life continues. The tides come and go. The heat comes and goes. One species finds enough food that they are able to afford changes to their anatomy that allows them to be even more adaptable. One day they leave the forest in search of… in search of knowledge of what is beyond the forest. Life continues. Over many thousand years they are learn to make and use tools. Changes begin happening more rapidly. One day they are able to roam the planet,  then they learn to grow food and harvest it for their benefit. No longer dependent on the weather and the tides, one species begins to dominate the planet, being a predator of all other life on the planet.

The ability to consume all other life leads to greater adaptability. Tools give them the ability to hunt and eat all other life, even to organize other life for their consumption. They prepare this other life for future consumption as a way to prevent future hunger. Life continues. Soon enough they learn to make caves instead of simply depending on finding good ones. They find better ways of using their tools, better ways to make tools. Life continues. Changes happen faster.Many thousands of years pass with changes happening more quickly. Skills and communication grow.

Then, one of them writes this blog and another of them reads it.

I am an ape. I’m a clever ape, but I am an ape. There is nothing required for explanation of my existence outside of evolution. I am. Life is. The beginnings of my species were humble. My ancestors were a clever and violent species. They remain so today. I am but one of a conquering species of animal that has taken over this planet like a virus. There is no other form of life on this planet which can stop us. An occasional virus attempts to rule, but we defeat them. We are victorious in our goal. We dominate the planet. We are not a responsible or peaceful species, we simply are dominant. Life is and we are simply one form of life. We are not the most important form of life on this planet, simply the most dominant. We are. No other explanation is required. As dogs are, we are. Existence does not require explanation.

I am. This is all I need. It is all I have. It is all that will ever be. I am.

:: UPDATE ::

Here’s a nice little video … enjoy

Dark Side of the Moon – awesome!

If you want some more space and universe goodness check this link or this link or maybe just put the word ‘space’ in the Youtube search box?

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