I’m Tired Of Holidays

I’m tired of the holidays. Over the years I’ve become tainted by the pressure to buy presents for everyone I know, even for people I don’t but whom I will be at a party with. I’m ready to give up all this stupid behavior. Next year I’m gong to simply give my money to charity and the people I know can go without. There is nothing about the holiday season that seems to be about me. It’s all about other people and what I need to do for them. Sure, giving is good, unless you are being pressured or forced to do so. At that point you are no more than a slave. What good is a holiday that makes a slave to anything of you? Whether you are a slave to tradition or convention or the whims of other people’s opinions you are a slave. What fucking good is that? how is that helpful to me? It’s not.

Then I think if I feel this way, how many other people do? If there is a significant number of people who feel like me… even a bit, then what good is this holiday season? I opine that it is no good, totally crap.

Then again, maybe I’m just lucky?

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