The Hitch Is Dead…. Long Live The Hitch

It seems to me that in the past few days there is both a mourning of the loss of Christopher and some major attempts to regroup the ‘atheist movement’.

To this I call bullshit. Atheists have no movement. There is no atheist only organizations. Humanism? Well, I’ll grant you that there is a movement… they believe in something. Sure, you can be a humanist and an atheist, but only humanists believe in something. There is no atheist movement or community. Atheism is what happens when you drop out of the religion movement. It is the de facto starting point for all humans – non-belief.

There is no atheist movement to lose a great leader. Instead, the world has lost a great orator and essayist, and a damned fine human being. (raising a glass of Johnny Walker Black) The Atheists of the world lost no more than the theists of the world. We all lost, for who among the apologists can now claim to have won an argument with the Hitch?

There is no atheist movement. Get that in your head. What looks like an atheist movement is nothing more than the results of the death throws of the religion movement. When you drop out of the religion movement atheism is what happens to you. It is what you are if you never joined the religion movement. Atheism has nothing to lose if you want to silently believe in deities. Religion has everything to lose if you don’t. There is NO atheist movement. There is NO atheist agenda. There is only people dropping out of the religion movement and aborting the religious agenda.

If Christopher Hitchens has taught us anything, we should have learned at least this much.

Prosit, be …

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