Black Friday – Christopher Hitchens Is Dead

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You probably know who he was. Not so many of us knew him, rather we knew his views and public persona. Today is a bad day for his friends. I feel for them, and the brutish pain they may be feeling. Worse than that, I fear for the world. Not simply because ‘the Hitch’ is dead, but because the community of rational thinkers has lost a luminary, the community of rational thinkers has lost an icon and a wonderful example. Even worse than that his family has lost Christopher. I don’t really have words to describe the feelings I have about an event we all knew would happen sooner or later. We had all hoped it would be later, much later.

You have to go and watch his videos now, all of them. He was extremely consistent, cogent, and wielded the swords of rationality and anger with such precision that his victims barely knew they had been eviscerated before it was to late to react. His life is and will be evidence that the pen is mightier than the sword. His personal ideals and the way in which he thrust them onto the world will not soon be forgotten… though I long to live in a world where his ideals are common place and forgettable.

<runs to the liquor cabinet for some scotch>

I raise a glass of Johnnie Walker … The world is not as good a place today as it was yesterday. I’ll miss you Chris.

Not to sound like I worshiped the guy. I did not always agree with him, but he always managed to make me feel inspired. I feel that the world is a better place because he was in it. It’s still not perfect, but he awoke a strand of consciousness in it that will long outlive him. Prosit

Having a drink with the Hitch was on ‘my’ bucket list… prosit

I’m going to miss him, one of the few people that actually made sense of the world… prosit

I could spend weeks posting my favorite clips of Christopher Hitchins. Google for them, they will be there a long time… prosit

Good night Chris


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