Definition of Atheism

When I first read this post from Machines Like Us I thought ‘oh, this is going nowhere’ but then it takes a surprisingly pleasant turn. It moves toward differentiating between atheism and agnosticism, and further gives a fulcrum to tell them apart. A damned good fulcrum at that.

I am an atheist, and this definition absolutely fits how I feel about the world, my world view, and my definition of atheism. There is no need of gods to explain anything, so without evidence to prove they exist, time has done the deed of declaring them nonexistent. That is to say that all who claim gods exist have failed since time immemorial to prove this. Further there is no need of gods to explain the universe. There are no gods.

Oh, sure, if you have some new evidence that has never ever before been published or posited… by all means, speak up because I will listen. By the same token, if all you have are the same tired old tripe that has been tried for thousands of years… well… and I mean this lovingly… STFU!


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