The War On Christmas…

Yeah, I know. It’s not like everyone and their brother hasn’t already made comment on this one whether at the court house or in the local coffee shop.  There are several things that are very clear, at least to me, about this supposed war:

  1. It’s not a war and using the word war charges the conversation with emotion and drama that it does not deserve.
  2. The premise that there is a war on Christmas assumes that:
    a) everyone must celebrate the winter holiday the way Christians celebrate Christmas
    b) that only Christians have a right to this holiday time, including the demands that all speech, song, and decoration belong to and conform to Christian beliefs.
    c) Anyone who does not conform to Christian dogma regarding this holiday time period is less than, undeserving, subversive, and evil.
  3. No matter that non-believers sought separation of church and state all year-long, at this time of year their actions constitute a war on Christmas. It is neither unprovoked nor unconstitutional. Christians believe they are above the law and deserving of special dispensations. They are not.

I challenge the citizens all cities where the supposed war on Christmas has reared its ugly head to light the peace pipe and forgo ALL public holiday displays, instead using their money to feed the starving, or buy well equipment for a village that has no nearby drinkable water etc. Alternatively, my challenge could be met if a town were to forgo traditional modern holiday displays, instead displaying information about ALL winter solstice celebrations going back in time to Sumerian celebrations.

The ‘season’ as it is often referred to has been around long before Christianity. One of those Ten Commandments says something about telling falsehoods. If the truth is to be known, the winter solstice existed long before Christianity. Get back to basics and celebrate this time of year as it was originally celebrated and not like these relatively new usurpers tell us it should be celebrated.

The way that things are now, it’s so messed up with mixed traditions and meanings that it no longer has ANY meaning except what you personally ascribe to it. To think anything else is prideful and myopic. There are so many ways to celebrate the winter solstice that it is impossible to tell what is THE right way. If you think you know the right way to celebrate it – celebrate it that way. I do not need you to tell me what the right way is. Whatever your way is, it is not the only way. You have no right to say that the ‘season’ has a reason and it’s your reason. Sure, we’re all deserving of an opinion but you are not deserving of the right to tell me what my opinion is or what it should be. To that point, it is unconstitutional for a government or others to post narrow or single view displays of what the reason for the season is on publicly financed land. Such actions promote a single view or religion and demote all others, acting as a promoter of a religious view. This is clearly unconstitutional. It will remain unconstitutional no matter how persecuted you feel over the situation.

If people want a war – I’ll push for the abolishment of all public decorations. If you kids can’t play nice together, we’ll just have to take away all your toys.

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