Thursday 24 November 2011, just another day

This past week has been full of people making plans and preparing for a feast and shopping and other things.

Eat, drink, sleep, wake, repeat…..

It’s just another day, like any other except for the various traditions and activities we do to ascribe to and imbue this day with special significance.

The first time it was supposedly held in the USA it was simply the harvest feast celebrated with some friends who helped a bunch of religious nut-bags survive. An act which I am not sure I can forgive them for. That’s right. When all of Europe was kicking these people to the curb because they were too radically puritan for polite society the American natives helped them to not die. Clearly evolution does not always create a greatest possible outcome.

That was one dinner, albeit several days of it. There is lots of evidence to suggest the first one technically was in Virginia or Florida. No matter which, it is a harvest celebration. What else in your life is affected by the traditional fall harvest? Anything? Do you know what is harvested in the fall in your area? Besides pumpkins. It’s a tradition for tradition’s sake and is being co-opted by the religious. If you want to celebrate the fall harvest, do so, but do it with people who actually harvest something besides retail sale purchases. Try finding some actual farmers.

Besides that, what are you thankful for? Orange juice and bananas year round? How about all the other products you enjoy year round which are seasonal in nature? Basically we are following a tradition which has no visible place or impact on modern society.

But you say ‘hey, it’s a good way to think about the things we are thankful for” and I will quickly reply with this: If you need a single day dedicated to being thankful in order to be thankful then you are doing it completely wrong. Telling me that I should be humble and thankful on this day of the year is trite and insulting. Here in the USA it’s just another Thursday. A Thursday dedicated to indulgences and gluttonous behaviors of all kinds.

Now, having briefly discussed the problems of such a holiday celebration, lets look at how it is celebrated… with gluttony. Too much food, too much drink, too much spending – which ends in interest payments (usury), too much sports, too much of everything that is representative of NOT being thankful. Thankful beings share what they have rather than clamor for more of it. We celebrate like we are aristocrats, rather than people thankful for what we do have. It’s not a very humble or Christ-like way to celebrate. Then again, none of our traditions are very humble or Christ-like and believers have made certain of it.

Basically quit telling me it’s a holiday to celebrate god’s goodness to us. It is not now, it never has been, and I want to attempt to make sure it never is.

Your god had nothing to do with it. Trust me on this. He was busy trying to kill off those religious nut-bags that stumbled off the Mayflower. It was the native Americans who you should be thanking. Perhaps if they had not saved those puritanical bigoted delusional twits we might have a higher rate of tolerance in this country. If European religious thought had prevailed on this side of the pond we might well be all done with believers and the crap they bring to society.

Thanksgiving is a harvest celebration, not a religious one. If you want to do a pot-luck and leave god to get his own dinner somewhere else, great, I’ll bring a dish. Don’t tell me we need to thank YOUR god for all that is good. Lets see you spend some time thanking YOUR god for the bad things: high interest rates, war, famine, disease, pestilence, witch hunters, people who sexually prey on young people, people who sit by and pray while their children die of easily treatable maladies. Lets see you thank your god for some of that before stabbing your fork into some turkey.

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