Why Life Without God Has A Purpose

I know you don’t know but I’ll ask, do you know what I’m tired of hearing about? Of course not. I’m tired of hearing about atheists that have wonderful purpose in their lives just to counter the argument that they have no purpose without a god. No, I don’t think you understand. I’m really tired of hearing it. Gods and supernatural beings do not exist, therefore there is no purpose in living for an afterlife for which there is no evidence. That does NOT mean that not believing in gods automatically means you have a purpose.

Why does my life have to have a purpose? Really? Why do I need a purpose? Can’t I just simply be? Can’t I simply just exist? For all those people that think there must be a purpose to life I say ‘fuck you’ and your need to belong. I’m not insecure. I’m very happy understanding that my life is what it is. I don’t need purpose to be happy or fulfilled. I do not need purpose to be special. To those that say there is no purpose without a god, well… so what? That’s your opinion. You’re entitled to one, but that doesn’t mean yours is right or correct or even in the same postal code as correct. The fact that you think my life is lacking because I don’t have what ‘you’ call purpose makes you a condescending ‘dick’. I take great offense at those who try to define what MY life is supposed to be. I’m quite happy and I do not need you to tell me what is supposed to make me happy or fulfilled.

I’m angry because I’ve just caught on that when theists ask what I have to live for they are judging me negatively based on THEIR delusion. Keep your judgments to yourself. Let your god do the judging. Quit asking me what I have to live for or what my purpose is. I’ll decide what it is on my own and it’s none of your business what it is unless and until I personally ask you what my life’s purpose should be. Who told you that you are qualified to judge MY purpose in life? Who told you that you are even qualified to talk about purpose at all? I could jump tangentially here and quote statistics about how the religious suffer all the problems that non-believers do and in a surprisingly large number of cases socially significant problems are worse in highly religious areas of the world. Believers are not qualified to judge others in general. Most of them have not even read their holy books.

I make my own purpose. When you deign to tell me what purpose is you are telling me that I do not know enough to run my own life. You look down on me every time you express that kind of sentiment. It is offensive and you need to stop doing it. Here is the thing. Life actually has NO purpose. Insisting that it does is deluded thinking. It is very ego centric.  When you insinuate or state that my life is less because it does not have the purpose that you dream yours does, it’s nothing less than offensive. Prove that life needs purpose and we can have a conversation. Till then, shut up about meaning and purpose in life.

Here you go, Hitchens says it well

Further: If life, any life, is to have purpose that purpose must be attainable by all people, from the best of us to the least of us. What is the purpose of the life of a child that dies at 5 days old? What is the meaning in the life of a very low functioning autistic person? What is the meaning of the life of the mentally retarded who cannot understand the concept of an afterlife? Do the lives of animals have no meaning? Do the lives of plants have no meaning? You have no proof of the existence of any god. To base the meaning or purpose of your life on something that has all the same evidence of something that does not exist is simply wasting your life on false meaning and purpose. To be clear, all evidence points to such people as deluded and harmful to society on the whole.

  1. ” I’m very happy understanding that my life is what it is. I don’t need purpose to be happy or fulfilled. I do not need purpose to be special.”
    Thank you for allowing me to see this Mal. It took some hard slaps in the face but you did it and you are the only one who has the balls.



    • I want so much for you. More than can be said in a comment.

  1. January 1st, 2012

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