Anonymous Is Pissed Off

Well, well…

First we had anonymous striking out at CoS because of their bullying and arguably illegal behavior. Then they struck out against DRM and international companies who were behaving badly. Then the Arab Spring happened. Then Occupy Wall Street happened.

Of course there were many other details in between and these are not directly related actions. They just seem to add up to a great deal of social unrest on a global basis. European countries seem to be trying to fight the tide of Islamic immigration with changes to food laws and banning of clothing that obscures the face. If we add to this the fact that the Catholic Church is imploding into a massive pedophile ring we can begin to get a feeling that change is coming. The kind of change that the 2012 predictions might have been hinting at? Then again, maybe it’s self fulfilling prophecy. In either case we can see that ‘anonymous’ is really, REALLY pissed off. They’re so pissed off that they are not really trying to be anonymous anymore. They are gathering in large groups and showing that they are pissed off.

All over the globe there are groups of people protesting social inequities. All they need is appropriate political representation… right? Which political candidate will be able to represent them? Will any candidate even try? Will they reject the existing political structure to tear it down and rebuild?

Who knows. Several hundred years ago the English monarchy were told “Don’t tread on me” but how do you cut the head off of a headless snake? The occupy movement and the anonymous movement don’t have leaders. They don’t have decision makers. How will the establishment deal with a tsunami of discontent? It’s a good question.

Another good question goes like this: many people of faith will tell you that their church or religion does many good things. Social inequities are things that should be resolved to create harmonious and peaceful societies. So when Anonymous and the Occupy groups are protesting, where is your church? When protesters are arrested and beaten in the streets, where is your church? Is your church feeding them? Providing essential services for the protesters? Where is your church when society is rebelling against social inequities? Where is the good in your religion? Where is the good in your church? Where is the societal good in your faith?

If you are a believer then go ahead and prove my cynicism wrong… or politely shut up and go hide. Just make sure you don’t do what the Papacy did in WWII. If you think that religion shouldn’t be messing in the affairs of government then we have a really long conversation about separation of church and state that needs to happen.

So tell me, where is YOUR church?


[ EDIT ]

Lifted straight from NPR RSS feed:

An Occupy London protest aimed at highlighting social injustice, the greed of bankers, and the incompetence of politicians has ended up causing unexpected havoc within the Church of England. Two senior clerics from St. Paul’s Cathedral have resigned in a row over how to respond to the protesters, who have a camp outside the landmark church. Internal divisions arose when the cathedral authorities began legal moves to evict the campers — proceedings that they’ve now dropped.

Where is YOUR church, temple, mosque, synagogue?



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