What is the evidence for the existence of god(s)?

Sticking with the current theme (suggestions for other themes are welcome) I found another gem in the RSS jungle. This time it was a video of William Lane Craig (I thought only convicted murderers were called by all three names?) who trying to offer evidence of his god. This comes from the reasonable faith blog, but I’m not linking to it. Search for it if you like; try reasonablefaith dot org.

He starts with the assertion that we can’t close our minds to the possibility of a transcendent being. I personally don’t think he is very good at this ‘explaining things’ thing. Of course we can close our minds to such. It gets even easier when every effort to prove the existence of such a being has been proven to be complete bullshit. The only thing that is not arguable is that we don’t have conclusive proof that such a being cannot exist. This of course does not mean that such a being does exist. That won’t stop him from arguing the opposite.

Moving on he argues the very tired and old argument that everything that exists has an explanation. Obviously he had never had to talk about bright pink spandex pants in XXX large sizes. The logic he uses is that the universe exists so it must have an explanation because the cause of the universe must be greater than the universe itself, and that means the cause must be beyond space and time. He then says there are ONLY two things that can fit that bill. It will remain completely unclear as to how he knows for certain that it can only be one of two things. Stupid knows know bounds.

At the point he argues that the existence of the universe HAS to be a result of a personal transcendent disembodied mind he is arguing from ignorance and you can stop watching the video right there. Well, unless you are all into the kind of masochism that is the act of listening to him. I hit the stop button at 9 minutes into a 50+ minute video.

Enough of that crap. I mention it because this guy makes a descent living selling this crap to gullible people. His evidence for the existence of his version of a deity is so full of gaping holes of logic that you wouldn’t be able to use it as a colander. In fact, every attempt by anyone ever in recorded history has failed as miserably to show evidence for the existence of gods. He knows it, I know it, you know it. His delusional mind lets him think that his bunk is not only better than the bunk of 2000 years, but that it is true. Wait, let that sink in. He believes his arguments are true. At this point you can safely conclude that he is not a genius. Not even close.

Why am I so harsh on this guy and others like him? Simple. They are arguing that their personal explanation is correct rather than debunking all the arguments against previous arguments for the existence of gods. Yes, let that sink in. He is not picking up the battle to defend those that came before, but arguing that he has a new take on things that is better and more true. He is not defending previous attempts to prove the existence of gods. You may well ask why this distinction is important. Think of it this way, you won’t find anyone arguing that they have a better general theory of relativity. They may well argue in support of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, but they will not argue they have a better general theory of relativity. Yes, I know the fuzzy edges of that example leave room for … discussion. Don’t do it. My point is still valid.

The reason that he won’t pick up someone else’s argument and assert it as true is simply because all arguments for the existence of supernatural beings have been debunked time and again. He can’t make money from doing that. Whether he gets money directly from your wallet or not, he is still stealing from you and your community. Nobody on the planet really cares if William Lane Craig is a complete and utter moron or not, however I’m willing to bet that you do not want the same to be true of your doctor, mayor, police and emergency services employees, judges, school teachers etc. Who do you think people like this guy are selling their crap to?

You should be angry. These morons are stealing from you, directly and indirectly. Their kind of stupid is not benign. In the first 20% of his talk you can tell by the logical fallacies that he has no clue what truth is. There is no need to fact check his work. It can be dismissed out of hand very quickly. If you want to fact check something, go fact check these videos about his religion:

The Truth About Religion Part 1 of 3

The Truth About Religion Part 2 of 3

The Truth About Religion Part 3 of 3

Those videos have been around awhile, but they are worth watching. If you find anything in them factually incorrect, please let me know.

If William Lane Craig wanted to prove something, he should be working on proving why these videos are wrong. My grandma used to say that birds of a feather flock together. Hollywood insiders will tell you that the most sincere form of flattery is mimicry. It would appear that astrology has a lot of admirers. My grandma used to also say something about putting lipstick on a pig. William Lane Craig and his ilk will tell you that Horus and Mithra were myths and not real. They will than also tell you that the Jesus story is absolutely true no matter how much it sounds like plagiarism of those other stories.

People like William Lane Craig deserve to be ridiculed loudly, publicly, and often. They are spreading dangerous ideas and filching the resources of your community. In my opinion such people and organizations are not deserving of special privilege from governments with regard to tax and speech.

So what is the evidence for the existence of gods? …. nonexistent!

A shout to grapplingignorance with this video.

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